Simple weekend joys

Most people I know had a four day weekend, but not K and I. What we did have however was a weekend full of food and friends like any Thanksgiving should be. I realized how much I love food and cooking when I was in front of the stove at 1:30 PM Thursday afternoon whipping up food for company of three. I baked, cooked, stirred, chopped, diced and pretty much spun around the kitchen in a day that could only be called happy. Irrespective of the quality of food that turned up at the table, what struck me was the happiness I associate with immersing my hands in a bowl full of dough or the sight of mounds of colorful veggies.

The music was on, K by my side and the aroma of baking all around the house. As the day paled to give way to night, the house took a warm glow from the lights and from us. Chatting easily, plates laden with food, it reminded me why I treasure family over all else. For once I was not compelled to capture memories in a camera.

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Simple weekend joys

  1. Can I say “same pinch”? But you already know that since we caught up quite a bit at the birthday gathering – btw I thoroughly enjoyed it -as it has been ages since I met you. I also caught your post on your Appa, so very hearyfelt, and believe it or not I found some more coincidences… My Dad used to be called Anna too in his younger days, can you believe that? 🙂

    @UL: I know! It was so much fun catching up the other day. Looking forward to seeing you again this weekend.

  2. Nice you had a wonderful weekend. One thing though, why is not capturing memories on a camera a good thing…or you were talking about the compulsive attitude I suppose!? I wish I had that. Wish I had captured so many good times I had, but did not bother. Worried that as time goes by, they will just fade away with nothing to remind me of the good times. I am glad I took so many pics of A early on and regret that I don’t do it as often off late. Should really get back to taking pictures, though now video clips make more sense with all the nonsense he blabbers and stories he says. I wish I had a video camera. Don’t have one now 😦 I guess that is the dates cake in the pic. 🙂

    @Apar: Yup! Was talking of my obsession with getting everything on camera. And yes twas the date cake. you should take pics of A even if not videos.

  3. Enjoyed reading this post. On an unrelated note, same pinch! Not for the similarity in celebrating Thanksgiving. But for the kitchen granite and the bowls… we have the exact same ones 🙂

    @Suman: I love that basic set from Corelle. Love it so much that we have probably gifted away 20 such sets so far 🙂

  4. Wonderful to read this post of yours! I feel very enthu when I’m trying my maiden attempt on an item with all ingredients reqd for the recipe available on the counter top!!!

    @Aparna: haha! can totally relate to that!

  5. Nice!! :–)
    It is fulfilling to cook for others, esp family and friends.

    I had a great weekend as well, including great food :–D

    @SK: I did catch up on your long weekend post even if I did not comment. I saw it on the reader. Enjoyed reading it!

  6. treat for eyes..I am sure it was feast for tummy too. I better plan a visit to that part of the world.tempting..!
    Glad to know you had great time Laksh.

    @shy: you should! would love to meet you. have a feeling I already know you some. 🙂

  7. Hey Laksh, I’m very glad to know you had a great weekend.. and that cake was “too-oo” inviting man…Was the recipe posted on reluctant chef?

    @Deepa: Yes the recipe is on there. Search for date walnut cake. Pretty simple too.

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