With great power comes great responsibility

I remember thinking when I first started my career that managers had a great time. All they did was answer emails and monitor people. How much easier could it get? While I am no way near being a manager, I am feeling the pressure of increased responsibilities. While my mind plots devious ways of escaping from weekend support or the necessity to take responsibility for others’ work, the rational part of me exclaims “It means you are capable. Perhaps, it means you are ready for that responsibility.”

In moments like these, I hear Uncle Ben’s voice telling Peter Parker “With great power comes great responsibility”

Have a fun week!

5 thoughts on “With great power comes great responsibility

  1. You have been posting fairly regularly after your “no more posts” post – am glad 🙂

    @Akay: Looks like it. Let’s see how much longer this stretch continues.

  2. I dread becoming a manager, especially after seeing closely what managers do. Making those presentation to sales folks, making decisions based on incomplete information, shouldering the burden of turning around a crisis… it calls for multitude of skills! Sometimes managers do not necessarily have that much of power, dealing with things that are beyond control. It’s a tough job!

    @Suman: Sure is. Which makes me wonder if managers can be groomed or if it has to be something inborn. 🙂

  3. My kids and B – this their favortie dialogue from any movie! It is like a bible verse to us! Very true too!

    @anamika: Funny how great things come in simple lines.

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