Walking to my desk this morning, I smiled and let a lady go ahead of me. Crossing another balding gentleman, I waved a hi! and struggled up the stairs. Crossing the kitchen, I noticed a bunch of people with coffee mugs and I realized I knew each one of them by name.

Suddenly it hit me that I had finally grown roots at my current job. The last time I had felt this way was at Wipro. A decade back. Right from waiting for the Wipro bus to arrive, we would be huddled in giggly gangs of six or more. Chatting non stop we would reach office and file into our cubes only for extended chat sessions over breakfast to be continued over IM.

The pleasure of knowing colleagues by name, knowing where they come from personally gave that extra touch when working together professionally. The past couple of years, I would come to work, stew in my cube, venture out for that occasional coffee/tea break around mid noon and scurry back to my cube.

While my current workplace resembles nothing of the Wipro I was happiest at, it is slowly beginning to have a homey feel about it. The people, the work, the feeling of familiarity and the general bonhomie. When I chat with the new person that joined my group recently, I feel like the insider. I feel the need to make the other person welcome. It speaks volumes for the ownership I have come to feel.

I feel happy and secure.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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