It’s foggy and it’s Friday!

I woke up this morning to see this out my front window.

Watching the fog slowly swirl in and envelope everything within sight curiously was an uplifting experience. I could feel the moisture in the air. My mood visibly lightened and I was almost humming a tune inside myself.

Amazing how little things like this can make a big difference in our lives. Happy Friday everyone!

9 thoughts on “It’s foggy and it’s Friday!

  1. lovely picture. I miss such sights πŸ™‚ Btw, Chennai has been having pleasant weather for the past two days at least and I find it weird that some are wearing sweaters!!!

  2. Beautiful.. You obviously live in a beautiful place. Down here.. there are barely any leaves left on our trees, and it’s getting colder and darker every day.

  3. nice blog…as usual!! i know…first thing in the morning…i look outside the window! if the weather is good, it keeps me happy the whole day long!! πŸ˜€

  4. @Apar: Thanks! It is weird seeing sweaters in Chennai am sure. πŸ™‚
    @Rekha: Thank you! Small blessings I guess. It is getting colder here too but I love this part of fall.
    @Mitr: Thank you! That is true. We have had a very foggy weekend here.
    @Akay: Thank you! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    @Sachita: Thank you! Pic courtesy iPhone πŸ™‚
    @Shy: Hope you had a lovely weekend yourself too πŸ™‚
    @Rupa: Totally with you on that!
    @Shalu: Guess we are kindred souls.

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