Yes! We Can!!

Watching the election results trickle in and like magic just past the 11:00 hour, the screen on my TV flash “Barack Obama elected the 44th President of the United States”, I could feel goosebumps on my skin. Sure was a historic moment. Not so much for the race part. Yes it does matter but for the mobilizing effect that Obama had on the young voters and the college educated voters. It was easy to the see the joy on those shining faces that showed on TV. The happiness in making history.

Watching my bro sign up for campaigning in our county I wondered what difference does it make specially when you can’t vote. It does make a difference and our county that has traditionally voted Republican picked Obama this time. The triumph of the minions of committed volunteers in each of these suburbs that made the difference.

While the media goes to town playing up words like historic, beyond racial boundaries and all keywords you find on the average website right now, what struck me most was the graciousness of McCain’s speech. With that ending note he forever earned my respect. Irrespective of who wrote that speech for him, he delivered it with conviction and stepped aside with innate grace. Hats off to McCain for that!

I did not get to hear Obama’s first address after his win, I am sure I will hear snippets all through the day and probably catch a recorded version somewhere. The sight of him hands linked to his young daughter will be etched in memory. I couldn’t help thinking what must be going through that little girl’s mind. Watching and taking in the impact of what is happening in her dad’s life. I am also a little scared of how Obama is going to manage the weight of expectations set on his young shoulders. Not just because ofย  people here in the U.S but worldwide.

As we wait to see how all this pans out in the years to come, I am sure there will be a day we will look back and say “Yes! We did!!”.

14 thoughts on “Yes! We Can!!

  1. What a historic moment and a stunning victory, kudos to your bro on campaigning for Obama. My aunt also did the same, she went door to door and also did the telephone bank. Just finished my post on Obama’s victory. Doesn’t matter if we can’t vote, its the spirit that counts.

  2. As I had commented in Mitr’s post, this is a little bit of a bittersweet moment for me, as I still feel sad/bad for Hillary! That said I am happy that we have a Democrat leading the country again and looking forward to the interesting times ahead!

  3. It was a historic moment for sure, but as A-kay said couldn’t stop feeling bad for Hilary. If she had won, even then it would have been historic. But hope this ‘Yes we can’ can bring in real change needed for the economy.

  4. The actual un-sung hero of this hard fought campaign is Mr.David Pluoffe – the campaign manager for Obama and he knew that Obama won the presidency, the moment Hillary dropped off the race. With Hillary out, Mccain was just a piece of cake for him.

  5. ‘It is not ‘yes Ican’. It’s not about me or what I do. but it’s about us and what we can do’. I clapped loud when the Obama family came on the stage to accept. was I emotional:) Laksh, it touched me seeing him hand in hand with little daughter. His family has my wishes and prayers.
    on a side note: man, at the age of 47, he is the president of USA. My CEO is same age as me.My chairman is just few years older than me. what the heck am I doing with my life? There is enough inspiration around.

  6. Hi Laksh, how are you? Totally agree with you. I also heard McCain’s speech yesterday, it was definitely graceful. Obama’s speech is in YouTube, we heard it this afternoon. It was a good one too. Wish his grandmother was alive to enjoy her grandson’s victory. I guess that’s what life is all about, we can’t have everything!

  7. Laksh! forgot to ask you. yesterday being your class day, you had class? how you guys managed to sit through it?

  8. As you have mentioned I’m worried for Obama too, how is he going to pull off the stuff he has promised? Hope God gives him the ability to perform his duties properly.

  9. Yes, a historic moment indeed. And every volunteer’s help always makes a difference I believe. I couldn’t vote either – but it didn’t stop me in doing my small part in volunteering earlier this year.

    I agree with you about McCain’s speech – he did deliver it with conviction and even showed irritation when people in the crowd “Booed” Obama.

    If you get a chance, maybe on YouTube, you must watch Obama’s acceptance speech. It brought tears to my eyes – perhaps touched me in a different way – making me realise all the things I haven’t done in my life so far – truly showing me the endless possibilities in life.

    And finally about him coping with the upcoming challenges, only time will tell – with our faith and support!

  10. McCain’s speech was good. Tell me honestly though, after 8 years of republican rule, economy the way it is; democrats were sure to win!
    With Palin as running mate who thinks Afghanistan was a neighbouring country…..
    History would have been made with either Clinton or Obama. As A-kay said, it was kind of bitter-sweet.
    I really liked the way Shefaly has summed the whole thing up here As she says, what can be emulated must be.

  11. Hi Laksh,
    I usually don’t get a chance to check your blog regularly, but I knew you would have definitely posted something about the recent elections and I had to check it out. Very well written. I was fortunate enough to vote for Obama this election. When in India, I was not eligible to vote. This is the first time I could vote in my life and I am glad I was able to do so in a very historic election. I was up watching the results until way after I had seen Obama’s speech. Like all the other friends in the forum say, both McCain’s and Obama’s speeches were touching. They both brought me tears.

    As for Obama whether he will be able to deliver : when Bill Clinton became President in 93, there were the same doubts and there were the same doubts when Bush became President in 2000. One delivered beyond imagination. The other failed beyond imagination. Obama is very level headed and is willing to listen. He sorrounds himself with experienced people. Bush is leaving behind a big mess for him to deal with. So, we can only pray and offer our support to build back this country.

    Now, I have a dream. In the next 20-30 years, there is hope that one of our kids will become the President of this country we have come to call home.

  12. I was very fortunate to watch both the speeches live.It is a very historic election indeed.I hope that obama will be able to carry out his term successfully.

  13. @Mitr: True. Hopefully we can four years from now ๐Ÿ™‚
    @Akay: I agree. Hillary would have broken the glass ceiling for all us women ๐Ÿ™‚
    @anamika: ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you stay up the night to hear Obama speak?
    @manchus: Sure hope so. The markets need it and so does the world.
    @villageboy: true. And David Axelrod too. Not sure if you followed the seven part series on MSNBC that outlined the entire Obama campaign. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.
    @Shy: ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL. We are making the changes we can in our little private worlds. :0
    @Madhu: Doing well. How are you? Amma all set to leave? True. Am sure if there is something like life after death she was hovering over him at Grant Park Chicago.
    @Shy: It was mid term week so no class. We had a take home exam.
    @Madhu: Am hoping too. He has enough goodwill to see him through. If his campaign is any indication, he will pull it off.
    @Bavani: Will catch the speech on youtube. Your comment is enough to propel me to do it.
    @Apar: Thanks for the link to Shefaly. She really has it summed well.
    @Remah: Loved your comment. You sum it so well. I really do hope your dream comes true.
    @Anila: I hope so too!

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