8 thoughts on “You can vote too!

  1. Guess I am the odd one out here 🙂 Ok…I confess, I have been to that site earlier. Went there through another blog. Honestly though, I am just following the elections with not really supporting either candidates. I am sure people will vote democrat after 8 years of republican governance holding the current state of the economy also in mind. The “change” will be very alluring. Just hope that the economy also responds to the results positively 😀 Don’t care who governs there, but do care what happens to the markets 😉
    I do accept the previous post; Vote – it is not just a right, but a duty too. I have every time I was in India during the elections.
    Though I should add that I find it very weird that many Indians are more obsessed by American elections than what happens in their backyard! Don’t know what to attribute that to!

  2. @sl: Am sure it was Obama.
    @Bavani: Welcome back. You were missed. I hope you had a great trip.
    @Shy: For change. Cheers!
    @Spillay: 🙂 Sure was a history defining moment.
    @Apar: I guess the obsession has to do with the fact that whether or not we agree on this, the U.S. does affect much of the global events. So who heads the U.S. is a matter of global concern.

  3. My take is not just on the obsession they have on the US elections. Most of them are totally ignorant of what is happening in their own country! US affects global events….but it also is essential to take care of your own backyard!

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