If I could I would!

Sitting across the table from me at our weekly group meeting was a middle aged gentleman. Waiting for the rest of the team to join, I asked “Vote yet?”. “Nah!” he replied. Two bad choices. Not sure if I want to vote he said. Intrigued I asked why. One with no experience and grand ideas and the other with tested policies but nothing new to offer he said.

Considering this was the first time I was hearing a rather ambivalent response from anyone I knew it was fascinating to see how he viewed this whole election. The others I have spoken to have either been staunch and rather passionate Obama supporters or McCain backers simply because they did not know how to feel about Obama.

Perhaps because I am just a mute bystander in this whole electoral process, I feel rather strongly that the right to vote is a basic civic duty. Specially in times of flux like the world is going through now, it is all the more imperative that each person exercises that right. If I could I would. I know that.

Daily thoughts had a rather strong post on this which I enjoyed. She also has links for those who want to vote but cannot 🙂

I can’t help remembering the hullabaloo of elections in India growing up. Symbolism was such a huge part of the elections. I remember being a little girl asking my grandfather whom he voted for when he came back with the indelible ink on his index finger. He shushed me away saying it was a secret. Later my appa smiling said your thatha will always vote for the “kai” symbol. We were a bunch of strong congress supporters back then. I have no clue what party has what symbol now. The election songs, the loudspeakers blaring from street corners, the dug up roads to erect “pandals” for party men to address roadside crowds. The election freebies. Sure were some tumultous times.

As I get back to work, I just can’t help saying – Please Vote. It is your civic duty.

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