All my life I grew up feeling entitled to a whole lot of things like a happy childhood, loving parents, a roof over my head, clothes the way I wanted it. You name it. In the natural progression of things dictated by what my peers did, I felt entitled and more often than not, got what I felt entitled to.

So, what happens when something I feel entitled to does not quite happen the way I want? I sometimes cry unfair and make a stinking scene. Sometimes I look away with tears clouding my eyes. Other times, I bite back the grief that threatens to overcome me and smile my way through. Sometimes, I even say “sour grapes”. Bah!

This morning however, I sought to look at the underlying problem. Why do I feel entitled to whatever it is that I want? I had no answers. However, it did make me think of all the factors that compound my feelings. Peer pressure, Society, my self image tied to other’s perception of me.

While I am no closer to finding any solution to handle my expectations of myself I figured I’d make a post of it.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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