Sometimes, I wake up in the morning with the feeling that I am waiting for life to happen. Waiting for the year to end. Waiting for family to visit. Waiting to visit India. Waiting for a friend to call. Waiting for the dream job. Waiting for the family to be complete. An eternal series of waiting for something to happen.

I know plenty of people have waxed eloquent about the joys of living in the moment. I feel like I am waiting for that too.

Sorry to be a downer bright and early. Some days are like that.

It reminded me of this song though it might have nothing to do with what I have written.

6 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Wow!! you are on the dot. Somedays are really like that. I especially feel like this on a Monday….Waiting for Friday evening.

    The song that I can relate to with this post is “Waiting for the world to change” by John Mayer

  2. Sounds like most of us are having this anticlimax syndrome…. I like this post for its honesty. (Have been one of those who has blurbed about ‘living in the moment’,.. but I admit that this is never easy). I too am familiar with this unsettled feeling… In fact, I had written a post on it a couple of weeks ago,. but never got around to publishing it. We’ll see….

  3. @Suman: I know. Sometimes we lose a part of ourselves each time such a phase is over.
    @Apar: Yup. Must be the change of seasons.
    @Manchus: 🙂 Thanks for the link.
    @Mitr: Spot on. That is it!
    @spillay: Would love to read it. Pliss to post 🙂

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