Holiday Spirit?

As I labored over my first attempt at making Kaju Kathli/Cake yesterday in the evening, the house filled with smells of cardamom and saffron. The warmth from the stove was making the whole place cozy. As I poured the bubbling mixture into a greased plate and patted it into an arbitrary shape of even thickness, my mind was praying for it to come out OK. Watching me make diamond shaped cuts, K was caught up in the whole process and as I watched him gobble up the edge pieces my joy knew no bounds.

Counting and recounting, I knew I had 30 pieces. For the first time in my life, I felt the need to share. I am usually the kind that hoards and hides sweets. Specially ones I make. I treasure every little bit till the very end. Counting four pieces to a box, I soon had tiny innocent looking boxes sitting on my counter top. One for my bro, one for my team, one for K’s team and so on. I had two boxes for my neighbors.

Waiting for the door to open as I stood in the cold, my heart was all fuzzy with warmth. I handed over my little box, chattering a little too quickly for my own comfort and wished them a Happy Deepavali and headed out to the other neighbor. Noticing no cars in the driveway, I rang the bell with a feeling no one was home. Couple of minutes later, box in hand I trudged over to my home. I heard a cheerful hi from another home. A tiny girl all of 3 yrs was waving to me. Then it struck me. I had totally forgotten the people that moved in a little over a year ago. Other than the occasional hi, I hadn’t attempted to get to know them. Feeling the spirit of the holidays wash over me, I went over boldly and handed over the little box to them. Wishing them and running back home, I felt light. Not sure if it was the spirit of sharing or the sight of the twinkling lights all around or just the feeling of happiness that sometimes creeps in without reason.

For the longest time yesterday, I kept smiling.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit?

  1. As one Alexander Supertramp said “Happiness is real only when shared”, I understand the feeling you went through when you shared. Keep rocking, have a wonderful Deepavali!

  2. @Apar: Hopefully!
    @Manchus: Happy Deepavali to you too! Hope you had a good festival.
    @AC: How true! Loved that movie by the way and that last shot was etched in my mind for the longest time. Thanks for reminding me of it. Happy Deepavali to you too!

  3. While I was reading this I could visualize you doing the whole thing. Such a cute post. And am smiling too and it will be sure long 🙂

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