Expressions of love

It’s class night tonight and I drove myself to work. K and I started around the same time and pulled into work one behind the other. As I picked up my handbag, my lunch bag and my school laptop in a bulky bag of its own, he stood by smiling. Every time he has offered to carry my bags I have taken pleasure in saying “No”. It’s a little ritual for us. He had a meeting in two minutes and there he stood watching me struggle holding all of this and trying to lock my car.

As I walked away from the parking lot, I kept telling him he had a meeting and he better run. I can take care of myself πŸ™‚ It almost felt like telling my dad “Am a big girl now.”

Anyways, as I trudged to the heavy doors, I found K standing there smiling and holding the door open. Even as I urged him to run up the stairs so he’d be on time, I pushed the elevator button. Watching him walk up, I felt a surge of love well in me. Who else would do this for me? Smiling to myself, I stepped out of the elevator and regrouped myself. Digging into my purse for the ID, I looked up to see K holding the door wide open so I could walk in.

Shaking my head in annoyance and love I walked in and shooed him to his conference room. At my desk, I couldn’t help think about it. Every morning that I have had a meeting at 8:00 and we get to the parking at 7:58. I have had K drop me off at the door and raced to the meeting. Never once have I thought about him lugging all my stuff and his up the stairs so I could be on time.

Ours sure is one skewed relationship.

11 thoughts on “Expressions of love

  1. Hey this is not a skewed relationship!! K is one chivalrous guy – opening doors, carrying bags and all with a smile. I can almost picture him. Such a wonderful person and am glad I know him πŸ˜€ A big big hi to him and hold on to him tight Laksh….you are lucky πŸ˜€ and you deserve this πŸ™‚ *hugs*

  2. Hey Laksh… I so enjoyed this well articulated post. I know what you mean. Not a day goes by when I think of our relationship (my husband and mine) in a similar light. The way I take it for granted that he would do things for me in a pinch (or otherwise), the way he would do it unconditionally without expecting anything in return, the way it doesn’t bother him even when I take these little gestures for granted… they bring this rush of love for him.

  3. @Mitr: He is. More so because I am no way near as thoughtful.
    @Apar: πŸ™‚ Holding on tight ;p
    @Akay: I know. I’ve been taking too much for granted πŸ™‚
    @SK: Totally agree. I should put it on my to-do list ;p
    @Suman: I feel a lot of kinship with you. Every comment of yours reflects what I feel.

  4. I take him so much for granted that I feel guilty many a times….and he has mountains of patience which leaves me in awe all the time ..Loved the post…and felt nice about being married to S. I should try being more considerate …..

  5. Hey,this surely is not a skewed relationship! Nice touching post! And I am glad I know him in person as well – I can imagine the scene, you see! In my and B’s case, I hand him over all my luggage – it is like, I’m your daughter and you better do it for me! Point taken – we must remember to acknowledge and reciprocate!

  6. Very well written lux – actually i don’t quite agree on the skewness of the relationship – i guess you are what you are!
    Something else i noticed during your trip here was that I see so much of you in K and soooo much of K in you – may be partially answers your “Shy post” – i wanted to write it then but found time now ! i too noted that you had kind of “toned down” from your original self but also noted that K had livened up much more that i saw him in 2001 ! I guess that’s what a great relationship does!
    Keep it going and bask in each others goodness πŸ˜‰

  7. Laksh, the post was cute πŸ™‚ and I sure don’t think it is a skewed relation, it is very much a husband wife unlike a GF and BF πŸ™‚

  8. @Rupa: You should πŸ™‚
    @Anamika: Very true. Amazing how much more you can relate to something when you put a face to the name.
    @maggie: Thanks da πŸ™‚ Haven’t really thought of my attitudes rubbing off on K. Point noted. Will observe to see what I can find πŸ™‚
    @Mads: Thank you πŸ™‚

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