Changing Seasons, Changing Tastes

Groping in the dark for the light switch as the alarm went off, I squinted to see bright red letters staring back at me from the clock that said 6:00. Not quite believing it was already morning, I looked outside for reassurance. It was pitch dark. Realizing it is fall and I had no hope of waking after the Sun’s rays filtered through our window, I pushed back the covers and looked enviously at K who was still curled up.

Walking down to the kitchen after the icy cold water hit my face and woke up me up right to my bones, I realized that all those things that were creeping up on me suddenly hit full force. Another six months of reduced sunlight, numbing cold and dressing in layers was here. Lighting the lamp and powering on the CD player to hear the strains of Lalitha Sahasranamam fill the room, I turned my attention to making food for the day. As I bustled around my stove, I realized there was a time when I would be annoyed that my mom would switch on this very same CD. I hated the long drawn out method of saying what was in essence a namavali or chanting of names of the Goddess. I preferred the crisper Vishnu Sahasranamam sung by MS.

Not sure when my tastes changed but I now mouth the words along with the CD sometimes even daring to add a little tune to what I say. I relish the one hour of soothing melody before I am out of the home. It calms my nerves and reduces much of the morning madness I suffer from.

And so life goes on.

8 thoughts on “Changing Seasons, Changing Tastes

  1. Laksh-

    Lucky you that you get to use that morning hour to listen to Lalitha sahasranamam and do your chores before you head out. What a peaceful and great way to start a day. Wish, I could do the same, but, unfortunately, I wake up at 6:30 and am out of the house by 7:15 to catch my train.

  2. Which CD do you listen to for Lalitha Sahasranamam? There are really nice crispy ones too…btw, no one to beat MS and of course her Vishnu Sahasranaman among other prayers/songs! She is in a class all of her own 🙂

  3. I love love waking up early in the morning. I so cherish the pin drop silence in the background when I am scurrying around in the kitchen or typing emails/blog comments. Gives me a feeling that I own the world for that brief hour and a half! On days that I am disciplined enough to not head to the computer, I would turn on the Surprbatham/NPR news and be lost in it!

  4. It reminds me of my mom switching on the AIR by 6 in the morning to listen to “Bhakthi Paadalgal” which I hated then and long for now… Strange is life with the changes happening inside. What say Laksh?

  5. It’s amusing to read how your mornings are pitch dark, while ours are getting brighter…. (incidently, we turned the clock forward an hour on Sunday – yup.. Daylight Savings..:) ).

    I am a morning person and love the idea of waking up and having my breakfast before everyone else… I love the sounds of birds singing, which is usually the only thing I hear at that time of the day (thankfully, the traffic isn’t crazy on our road).

    Sounds like your mornings are very busy – Do you cook dinner before you leave for work in the morning? (My mum used to do that 🙂 )

  6. @Mitr: You can. 🙂 Wake at 5:00. I used to do that too a while ago.
    @naan: Weekends are like that. I wake late and do none of the nice stuff I do during the week.
    @Apar: I listen to the Sudha Ragunathan one. Love it now.
    @Suman: Totally relate to that. Am a morning person for sure.
    @Deepa: Ahhh! AIR and bakthi padalgal. Man those were some times 🙂
    @Spillay: You don’t have to rub that in. Am jealous now! 🙂 I cook lunch in the morn before work and come home and make dinner. Basically it started with my FIL visiting us and I stick to that routine even now.

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