Telling it as it is

Finally! Here is one article on the mess on Wall Street that explains it as it is. In terms a dumb person like me can understand. Without much ado. HERE it is.

I found it in the Magazine section of The Hindu and followed the link back to Shyam’s blog. Thanks Shyam!

7 thoughts on “Telling it as it is

  1. @Anila: Glad you enjoyed it. Saw you had commented on Shyam’s blog too.
    @Apar: Cool! ๐Ÿ™‚
    @Shyam: Glad to! That article really was spot on.
    @Shy: Most welcome! Guess we must all thank Shyam.
    @Madhuram: Akay pointed me to that has a couple of articles that go into detail while being very down to earth and lucid.
    @Shy: Read the story. Will look up the comments now.

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