Sitting in the chair, waiting for my token number to flash at the DMV, my mind was on a trip of its own. Looking back over the past decade or so. Fresh out of college, envious of friends and colleagues who owned or drove a two wheeler to work, I would watch wistfully as they zipped in and out of peak hour traffic. I was dead scared of riding pillion leave alone actually drive a vehicle myself. The ubiquitous autos were my deliverance. I used autos to get anywhere and everywhere. Buses were for the rare mid afternoon on a Sunday when I knew I wouldn’t have to squeeze myself through a mass of humanity to exit the vehicle.Β 

Cars were still a dream. Occasionally someone in the extended family who had a car would give me a ride home or take me shopping but that was it. Moving to the suburb I live in now after marriage, it took me three years and a tireless K to get my license. That too happened only because after the third year, I had to re-take the test for a learner’s permit. Shamed into opting to give my road test, I promptly failed the first one. Reason? I waited patiently for the signal to turn green when there was no explicit “No Turn on Red” sign. A couple of weeks later, wiser, I cleared my road test to proudly own a driver’s licence.Β 

Now, four years later, as I sat waiting for my turn to renew it, I couldn’t help wondering if it is really my life I am leading. Seems like far fetched dreams do actually come true. πŸ™‚

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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