Ah! the things I thought I’d never do…

Sitting in the chair, waiting for my token number to flash at the DMV, my mind was on a trip of its own. Looking back over the past decade or so. Fresh out of college, envious of friends and colleagues who owned or drove a two wheeler to work, I would watch wistfully as they zipped in and out of peak hour traffic. I was dead scared of riding pillion leave alone actually drive a vehicle myself. The ubiquitous autos were my deliverance. I used autos to get anywhere and everywhere. Buses were for the rare mid afternoon on a Sunday when I knew I wouldn’t have to squeeze myself through a mass of humanity to exit the vehicle.Β 

Cars were still a dream. Occasionally someone in the extended family who had a car would give me a ride home or take me shopping but that was it. Moving to the suburb I live in now after marriage, it took me three years and a tireless K to get my license. That too happened only because after the third year, I had to re-take the test for a learner’s permit. Shamed into opting to give my road test, I promptly failed the first one. Reason? I waited patiently for the signal to turn green when there was no explicit “No Turn on Red” sign. A couple of weeks later, wiser, I cleared my road test to proudly own a driver’s licence.Β 

Now, four years later, as I sat waiting for my turn to renew it, I couldn’t help wondering if it is really my life I am leading. Seems like far fetched dreams do actually come true. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Ah! the things I thought I’d never do…

  1. The last sentence “Seems like far fetched dreams do actually come true” Laksh! how much I want to believe you.time to dream hard, some nice pretty dreams.wish me, all that of mine will come true!

    and may all your dreams ( rest of it)come true too!!

    God bless

  2. i flunked twice and got it the third time…i was glad i didnt need to do the test all over again after i moved here…whew! and dreams does come true if you strongly believe in them…after all fulfilling dreams is what life is all about is it not?

  3. Mine is yet to come true ….and I still keep wondering if I will be ever able to drive….this post makes me feel better….that I ain’t the only one….and if I can ever drive, than thats really dream come true….a dream very close to my heart….

  4. Hey…even i failed my learner’s test the first time…that was the most embarrassing day of my life!(Shh….dont tell this to anybody plz). The next time, i actually memorised the question-answers from the internet. But after that, thankfully, driver’s license wasn’t a problem!

  5. Driving here is a dream come true for me too Laksh. I came here in 2003 and got my license only last month. I was such a nervous wreck on the day of road test. But the officer there (the one who is bald and also greets namaste) was so good. He asked me to calm down, think about Pandit Ravishankar’s sitar music, relax. He even asked me to say prayers either to Siva or Vishnu. Finally got the license that day itself. Now driving within 5 mile radius without S. Not yet very confident to drive further more. I think I’ll make it your house without him sometime soon.

  6. I remember the wait and agony to get my license there for the lack of identity papers!! Was so pissed off. My license expires late this month; probably never to be renewed πŸ˜€ It pissed me off that people who did not know or want to drive were getting licenses around me…
    anyways…pushing back a little farther…you had come pillion with me quite a few times; hope they were not the rides that scared you off pillion riding πŸ˜‰
    I had to get my license here again thanks to having not got my old one (I got when I was 16) posted back to me by you know who! My license rants πŸ˜€

  7. @Shy: Most definitely. Dreams come true if you work while you dream πŸ™‚
    @Mitr: It was quite ironic actually considering how less I drive
    @UL:Nail on the head for the second part.
    @Suman:haha πŸ™‚ (S)he had better been good.
    @Rupa: You will for sure. If I can, anyone can. Ask Akay :0
    @Shalu: Good for ya! Will not tell anyone don’t worry. Except perhaps perippa?
    @Madhuram: Wow! Nice officer.
    @Apar: Hope you weren’t thinking of me when you said people who don’t know to drive get licences. Cos it would be true :0

  8. I was thinking more of P who did not know how to drive and failed his written test twice or thrice, and some others around the place who still prefer not to drive! πŸ˜€ Nee ennakume antha listla varamate πŸ˜€

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