Then there were five

As I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck talking to Amma as I seasoned the kootu I was making this morning, my mom went “You will never believe what happened today…”

Image courtesy: The Hindu

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Turns out she was out shopping with my aunt and when she got home, a strange sight met her eyes. Five thodappa kattai or brooms lined against her front door. Puzzled she moved them and went inside. She realized the local handyman was making brooms as she left and had possibly left them at the door thereby forcing her to buy them. Cursing the guy internally she locked the door behind her and went about her chores. A little while later the door bell rang and the neighbor stood holding a 50 Rs note in her hand. Puzzled again Amma discovered some gentleman had come to our home, finding the door locked and noticing the rather fine quality of the thodappa kattai had bought five from the handyman and left them at the door. Since he had no change, he had left 100 Rs with the guy and instructed him to leave the change with my mom. Since my mom was not back by the time the handy man had to leave, he left the change with our neighbor.

Narrating this rather strange story to my mom she burst out laughing “Who on earth would buy broomsticks and leave it at the door?”

As my mom recounted the story to me, both of us were in splits. We still don’t know who did it or why but sure enough it will be one thing that will baffle us till we find the answer.

Strange are the ways of the world šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Then there were five

  1. @Mitr: Betcha!
    @Apar: It was unnerving for amma
    @Akay: Well apparently some well wisher
    @Shy: hehe. It was scary to start with but ended well.
    @Madhuram: pannalai! was someone we knew.
    @Shalu: You got that right. Sure was.
    @Anamika: Hindu šŸ™‚

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