Calling in life and other things

In one of my regular conversations with my friend, we went down a rather thought provoking discussion on how does one discover their calling in life. What if I went all through my life not knowing I was destined for something different. It could be as trivial as a change in career or something that has a higher purpose like giving in to the Good Samaritan in each of us. So, with some heavy thoughts lacing my mind, I sat through my class this evening as the professor spent a good two hours trying to give us some idea about his background and what he expected from us for the rest of the term. Class over, I reached home and found an email in my inbox that brought the discussion from earlier in the day to the fore.

This email is from one of the readers of the blog and someone I have not met in person yet. I hope to some day. He wanted to talk about an organization that is doing grass roots work in rural areas near Chennai TamilNadu. In the hills of Yelagiri. The name of the organization is Society for the Development of Economically Weaker Section (SODEWS). It is headed by the 74 years young K.S Ramamurthy who is a personal friend of the reader.

So, those of you who are philanthropically inclined or wish to take a sabbatical from work for a good cause may want to check this out. In his words SODEWS is looking for the following:

“1) To spread the word about the organization to the community at US.  SODEWS always welcome help in any form – including people wanting to take a sabbatical and visit Yelagiri and spend time in our organization.  SODEWS need more people who would spend time with them.

2) If funds can be raised, that will be great.

3) Ideal of course will be to form a SODEWS chapter in the US, sign up members who would be willing to pitch in say small amount every month, and send a collective sum once in 6 months /a year that will be great too”

If you remember a plea I had made earlier for AID India a few months back, it is exactly NGO’s like SODEWS that they support with their Eureka Child Initiative.

If any of you would be interested in knowing more, you could contact SODEWS directly or let me know and I can put you in touch with the people that need help.

3 thoughts on “Calling in life and other things

  1. Laksh,

    When I read this post of yours, I remember what I wanted to ask you long back. In one of your old posts, you mentioned that one of your friends in Blore has adopted 4 kids (correct me if I am wrong). She also has a registered organisation? My brother is also helping kids for their studies and in the process of forming a “trust” (registering the organization). Can you please put him in touch with your friend, he wanted to know some details.

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