All done!

Hopefully the last of diary like posts but wanted to put this one as a recap of the past couple of days for myself to read later as well and think “Well! I survived that!..”

All Saturday saw our group huddled in our conference room laptops popped open, heaps of printouts spread on the table, scanning for patterns, analysing numbers to see what our competition was doing that we need to account for. As we made it across round after round showing marked improvement it was hard not to hope for bragging rights at the end of the competition. So, around 2:00 PM Saturday we entered our decisions for the next round and crossed all phalanges till the results were out.

When they did come out there was only one thing our team could say over and over again “We whupped a$$!”. We did! We came first and with quite a respectable lead in all parameters we had asked to be judged on. More the fact that we did come first it was the knowledge that we knew we would that was sweet. Like walking out of an interview well done, ‘knowing’ they loved you and getting that call that announces the offer.

The rest of the evening of course was spent translating all that we did in a bunch of slides explaining to our board the story of where we were and how we got there. As I worked on getting the presentation ready, a couple of them worked on charts, yet another put together material for a couple of other team assignments and worked with images we needed to jazz up our numbers. Working till past 12:00 at night, I felt that rare sense of exhilaration that comes from working with a well knit team. One that understood how to work alongside without need for constant reassurance all was well at the other end.

We were supposed to meet back at 7:00 AM. I reached home near 1:00 AM and crashed almost immediately. K woke up groggily and shook me. It looks a lot brighter than what 6:00 AM is supposed to look like. I squinted at the clock and let out a squeal of horror. It was 7:15 AM! Well past the time I was supposed to show up for our team practice before the presentation at 8:00. Rushing as fast as I could I showed up in formals at 10 minutes to the hour. Managed to practice quickly before filing into the room where all of them groups were already assembled. The first team was already on to their introductions.

The rest of today morning went past in a daze. I remember talking a little nervously and a little too fast. I managed to spew out my spiel and took over advancing the slides for the others. The Q&A went well too and before we knew it we were asked to pose for a group picture and all of us were doing hi-fives and generally eager to get home.

On my drive back home, I realized I was truly happy doing this. Whether or not the degree helps me professionally I know it will change my life forever. For that I am thankful.

9 thoughts on “All done!

  1. Wow.. I’ve been following your past few posts.. and boy is ur enthusiasm infectious or what.. I get into these periods of “I should do an MBA” because something triggered off the interest to do the kind of stuff you did in your assignements, but then something else would come along and that enthu would be short lived. I wish I do find the motivation to eventually do it, but we’ll see. Have fun!

  2. I have been told everything is a life lesson. And I am sure your course will help you professionally too. Your path to success is laid 🙂 Wishing you all the best to follow it right! 😀

  3. Wow..So exciting and well going Laksh..Touch wood; It is always a feel good wholesome experience to work with a team where there is real understanding and sharing. Congrats for you and your team. Looking foward to hearing more success from your end.

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