Day two – recap

Day two went past in a blur. Mostly closeted in a room with my teammates trying to outwit other teams as we analyzed their moves and plotted ours. As the clock pushed 8:00 PM, I had no intention of getting home. My teammates however, had a distance to go and promised to meet back next day early. Wrapping up my stuff, I drove home being blinded by the cars on the other lane. Glad to be home, I sat and opened the laptop to show K how our team fared. As I explained the game to him, my voice rang out with pride. Pride that rested on group laurels. I truly felt ownership of the company that only existed on paper.

Today taught me many things. To not be apologetic for things I did not know but to push myself in the areas I did. For being the only one with no finance or business background I quite felt like a bumbling novice. As the day wore on, I managed to take over keeping notes, lessons learnt, and rationale behind decisions. As a team we relaxed enough to share snippets of our life. It was interesting to see each person offer to get coffee or clear the plates as the others sat working. The atmosphere relaxed visibly and the whole aura was very accepting and positive. Given that all of them out there were A type personalities, it was amazing how we had no major disagreements. For the most part it seemed like a well oiled machine.

With two more days before the simulation ends and we make a presentation to our “board” of directors, this whole exercise is something that truly immersed me in the MBA experience. I feel this definitely sets me in the mode for some serious reading and researching for the next couple of years.

Anyways, good going so far. Wish my team luck so we can kick some serious a$$ ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a lovely weekend!

6 thoughts on “Day two – recap

  1. This is very exciting Laksh! I am very happy for you; enjoy.Here to great presentation to the board. Kick some good ca$h..make it 700billion!!

  2. @Shy: Thank you! Presentation went real well.
    @Anon: Yes I am! And hope to over the next two years.
    @Apar: I know! Just got home and have two assignments to turn in real soon.
    @Mads: Thank you! Like I said went real well.
    @JS: Thank you! More on the way. Hopefully I will tire of writing about school and save you folks :0

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