Do I look professional?

I must have badgered K before we left to work. I tried different shirts on before I found one that I felt comfortable in and one that could pass off as business casuals. One of the downsides of working for a company that advocates casual dressing for its employees is that I have no clue of what it means to look professional. I am in sandals till it gets too cold for comfort. I wear tees and jeans most of the time. I hardly have skirts.

So, today as I prepared for my first brush with the business world I looked in despair at the things I had in my closet. Somewhere in the welcome material in tiny print it said “We expect our students to be dressed in business casuals….”

For two days each week, I will have to rummage through my clothes to find that one pair that can remotely pass off as business casuals. It also means I have to rearrange my thoughts and force myself to believe that clothes make the person. It probably does too. Just that I have never taken the time or the effort to project an appearance that can augment all the self confidence and esteem that lurks inside me. It also means that the tiny thought that resides inside me that says “Clothes should not matter. It is the capabilities in a person that count” should be quelled.

I should probably go shopping too! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Do I look professional?

  1. Well, I would have gone shopping the minute I read about the clothes clause. (Probably even earlier πŸ˜‰ new clothes for school types!)
    Care to put up a pic of u in your business casuals?
    All the best! I am sure you would do as great as you must be looking in whatever it is that you are wearing πŸ™‚

  2. Yep, as every one else said your enthusiasm is so cute.:)

    I wish I could live in a world where clothes truly don’t matter, but to get an opportunity to know the true self-worth, one has to be noticed and for that clothes might help.

    PS: this piece of mind doesn’t have any effect on me/ wardrobe

  3. But in the world of management “Clothes maketh a person” Laksh… Atleast with Indian Companies. And Enjoy Shopping.

  4. @Madhuram: Haven’t been there yet. May be next weekend.
    @Rekha: I know πŸ™‚ Guess that is what I was getting at πŸ™‚
    @Divya: Thank you!
    @Madhu: Welcome back dee. Been reading your posts. Haven’t had a chance to comment.
    @Apar: Nothing great about the clothes I ended up wearing. A bit dressier than the usual drab stuff I wear.
    @Mitr: Absolutely! Shopping next weekend
    @Sachita: I am usually easily excited. I have been noticing my classmates and boy! they dress well!
    @Shy: Am beginning to understand that now!
    @Small Talk: Thank you! Been fun so far :0
    @Mads: Yup! pretty excited πŸ™‚
    @Deepa: True for companies world over I think.
    @UL: Going well so far. Another three days to go before I complete my first course.
    @Lakshmi: Yes dee. Been great so far.

  5. Well, the last line does look reassuring! Even we are expected to be in formals while attending some functions and it is really discomforting to keep aside the comfy jeans and slid into trousers(& if they make you look fat, you had it!)
    But, sigh…you have to look like a professional and people say that one looks “smart” in shopping!! :D.

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