I start taking baby steps to a big dream this week. Long back I mentioned it on here. This whole thing happened in less than three weeks. I am excited, eager and anxious to start. I remember the heady days of starting middle and high school when I would lay out my books ahead of time. Make sure my pen was filled with ink, my pencils sharpened, geometry case inside the bag and calculators in too. I would look over my time-table many times over. Run my finger over newly bound books and notebooks till I tired of it and go to bed dreaming of new teachers and new friends.

Every year without fail. I felt the excitement. Out of high school, the excitement turned to just meeting friends and showing off new clothes and accessories. It did not matter that I was in touch with them all through the holidays. The first day of college was always a day to pass notes and catch up on all the family that visited, trips that were fun and summer crushes.

Hitting mid thirties now, the excitement before first day of class still hits me. I have my pre-course assignments done. I check my school email twice each day. I scan the school directory for glimpses of my to-be classmates. I wish and hope this will be every bit as exciting as I have pictured it to be. For once in my life (make that second time) I am going to study because I want to. Because I enjoy doing so. The thought of mastering what seems complex now excites and exhilarates me.

I look into the future where the office with a view will be mine. Some day.

** I start classes Wednesday. There are still some formalities that are due to be done before I can call myself a student but couldn’t resist sharing this with the whole bunch of you who pushed and prodded me into going this way. I owe a huge thanks!

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