Ladies evening out! Am thrilled.

This evening a bunch of us gals from our community are planning on dinner outside. Not a big deal really but for me it is. Its been ages since I was part of any get-together. And after ages again, I will be meeting a lot of people I have never met before. Understandably I am excited. Excited enough to babble about it here. 🙂

The last time something like this was planned, it was just me and two others. This time eleven people have promised to show up. I keep looking at my watch and willing for the hour needle to move ahead. Chances are none of this excitement will be evident when I do meet these people but I do hope to make some new friends and get to know the people in my community. 

Amazing how small things like this can make me light up like a kid in a candy shop. Have a lovely weekend all of you!

6 thoughts on “Ladies evening out! Am thrilled.

  1. have a blast!!. apparently, couple of other bloggers have girls’ evening out too.
    good weekend too laksh!

    ps: In response to your response in another post: Thanks , it will be an honor to meet this talented lady..will come equipped for a pic and autograph. You are making waves in the blog world now, won’t be too late, the literary world find this ‘pavizham’!!

  2. @Rekha: Was fun! Had a lovely time
    @Shy: I know! Heard UL had a blast to. Regarding your other comment I was smiling from ear to ear. Pavizham. Mabbe I should use that as a pen name?
    @Mitr: Not a bloggers meet. Just folks from the community where I live
    @Spillay: Was fun. Ate, chatted and started to plan a diwali bash
    @Shalu: Thanks! was tons of fun

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