Time for change?

K sat frustrated with our new laptop. He was harried because it was getting late to go to work. Shower not done, his beeper went off. As he tried to navigate the keyboard of our new laptop his frustrations bounced off me. “Why does it take so long to boot?”, “Where is the End key?”, “Why is the Page Up and Page Down here instead of up there?”. The questions seemed endless. I could feel his angst. I did not react like I usually do. I found the whole exercise curious.

I have often blamed him for his resistance to change. Whether it is a physical move from one place to another or reluctance in accepting new technology. This morning however, it served as an example to me. Some people are loath to change. I thrive in it. Or so I thought.

He eventually managed to get what he wanted out of the piece of technology and moved on forgetting the anger and the anxiety. However, the questions of the morning kept coming back to me. How different was I from him? When we got something new, I went with the change. I did not expect things to be comparable to what we already had. I accepted it for what it was. Something new. 

However, the same principles did not apply to people in my case. I compared the past forever to the future. “I had more friends in Bangalore.” I usually whine. “I had more stimulating conversations with my friends of old.”, “We had great neighbours back home.” My comparisons were endless. I wanted my old life back. My comfort zone. A place where I knew well to navigate. Anything new threw me off kilter. I had to learn all over. K on the other hand, adapted very well to new people in our lives. He is the more accepting of the two of us. 

As I looked back at the past seven years, that explained why I could not recreate the life past. I was hung up on the old. It’s time for change I realized and that time is now.

9 thoughts on “Time for change?

  1. Well, don’t think that you are not ready for change when it comes to reminiscing what you had somewhere else. It is not like you have not made new friends in the place you are; just that you miss the old times and people. About new gadgets, well one always takes a while to get used to the new ones 🙂 I have a love/hate relationship with Vista 😀 more hate than love I should say 😉 Each of us take our time to accept any change. That does not mean that we don’t take to it. Don’t know if I am conveying what I am thinking in this comment. Well, anyways lemme stop here and save all 😉

  2. My 2 cents: Change is good. It can only mean that we are growing, adapting and learning. Although I too sometimes crave for what is familiar,… once I have given ‘change’ a chance, I don’t usually regret my decision. This is also what I am trying to teach my children… from the food they eat to the activities they get involved in – I tell them to always try something new when the opportunity arrives. 🙂

  3. I think I love change (well, you know me…) – I totally believe in the statement “Change is the only thing constant in life”. I embrace change whole-heartedly and learn to move on, whether it is with technology or people or anything else. I totally agree with Spillay on trying something new when the opportunity arrives – be it the food that I eat or the places I visit or anything else…

  4. Add me to the list, all for change!. Many of situations expects me to blindly stick to the old. New places, new people of course new food excite me. Want to set an example to my kids to try things knew like sp and akay said…but not much happening…rant over

  5. hmmm time I think of changing too, I love my comfort zone and need to be pushed to change, though I can adapt but yet changing is difficult… but like A-kay said “Change is the only thing constant…..”

  6. Wow! That was a little confusing. But, personally, I love changes. Creates more excitement in things you are about to do, things you have not explored yet! But, even i compare a lot. In my case, its the little story of change from school to college. Sometimes, i think school was better and sometimes i think college is better. But eventually, i do tend to accept life the way it is…

  7. @Apar: You do make sense. I guess my point was I was so hung up on K being resistant to change that I did not see myself in that position.
    @Spillay: I get what you are saying. The idea I am trying to convey is that sometimes we are blind to our faults 🙂
    @Akay: very true and knowing you I heart what you say.
    @Shy: Some of us are slow to catch up. But catch up we will 🙂
    @SK: Sigh! looks like not all women though going by the comments ;p
    @Mads: Ahh! the dilemma. I hear ya!
    @Shalu: Been there done that. School always tops in my list though :0

  8. Laksh, routine means security. You do the same things again and again and we are at peace when we know what will happen next. Though it might seem boring, I think all of us deep within like it. It’s true especially with kids. I’m witnessing it first hand.

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