Three things.

1. This issue of Thoughtful Thursdays has only one entry from Suman of Thoughts Unlimited. The book reviewed is Family Matters By Rohinton Mistry. Hop over here for her review. I apologize for not having been able to get to this owing to a busier than normal work schedule. I hope to get to it before our next edition for which we will be doing Three cups of tea due first Thursday in October (October 2nd).

2. Thank you all for the outpouring of wishes to K on his Birthday yesterday. He and I were both overwhelmed 🙂 I will eventually get to responding to the wishes separately but wanted to say Thanks!

3. I am on vacation starting today visiting the lovely A-Kay and other friends of mine. I will be back after a LONG break on Sept 15th. Might sneak in a post midway but if I don’t, you all know why 🙂

Take care. Be good and check back in a week.

15 thoughts on “Three things.

  1. Lovely Laksh…Have a nice time with A-Kay and I wish for an enjoyable, memorable and safe journey. See you soon next week.

  2. are we missing your posts? you bet!. howver we had peek into your vacation..we caught you redhanded eating chocolate cherry nut cake:)

    enjoy rest of the vacation days!!


  3. @Suman: I did have a great time
    @Lakshmi: Thanks da
    @Shy: I did 🙂 She had made pesarattu with aviyal and a lovely cake
    @Mitr: Yes. I was.
    @Mads:Will do. Will put it up on orkut.
    @Spillay: Thank you.
    @Bavani: I did and have some extra lbs to show for it 🙂
    @Shalu: Glad you miss em. Met your bhai. Was fun.
    @Deepa: Thank you. Am back now.
    @Shy: I see you visited Akay’s blog.
    @Apar: Thank you. I do feel welcome. Will get to your tag soon.
    @Deepa: A little over a week. Back now
    @Shalu: Am back!
    @Madhuram: Yes. Am back. Definitely recharged.

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