Tis a special day!

** Mush Alert!

Yes. K is a year older. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a blip but considering my universe is largely inhabited by K, it is a huge deal 🙂

Birthdays make me anxious. I wonder about what gifts to buy from months ahead. I plan and plot in my head till D-Day and most years, do nothing at all. Like this year. How do you celebrate the birthday of someone who is your world? Cakes and gifts don’t seem to cut it. I sat in front of the computer my mind blank. I had no clue of what to say. Tongue-tied. If such a term exists for virtual wishes.

I realized it this morning. For years, I have wanted to celebrate his birthday as I wanted mine celebrated. It always fell short. As I started thinking of what he would want, the answer is stunning in its simplicity. Actually nothing at all. Just knowing he is loved and thought of with warmth is the best gift I can give him.

So K, I want you to know you are loved unconditionally. Even when you are rolling your eyes in disbelief at how I could put the cutting board away before it is sparking clean. I want you to know that I will be at your side when you need me. Whether it is for emotional strength or the actual physical presence. I want you to know that your birthdays are special to me for just by being born, you have changed my life immeasurably.

Happy Birthday my love! You are my world.

23 thoughts on “Tis a special day!

  1. Laks!

    Many Happy returns of the day to K! This is such a touching post 🙂

    Both of you enjoy and have fun today.


  2. Aww

    A very happy birthday to K. I can’t imagine how great a birthday he is going to have after reading this. You truly did make his day. here’s to many many man more.


  3. hey, thats very cute…..awwwwwww!!!! Wishin bhaiya a Very Very HAPPIE BIRTHDAY!!! He’s really lucky to have a wife like you…:).

  4. very sweet :-)..wishes to K for a very happy, fun-filled bday. Yes, I agree. Cakes and gifts don’t really cut it. I feel exactly the same way for my husband’s bday. Most often he does not need anything at any point in time, so I cannot buy any material gifts. What I can offer him is my love and support for years to come…
    :-)..so true!!

  5. wow…so lovely Laksh…My wishes and Prayers for many long happy and succesful years ahead to K…It is simply touching, what more a guy would need in his life…Have a nice day.

  6. Touching post… a very Happy Birthday to K… hope you guys have great years together and be blessed with whatever you wish for…

  7. Belated b’day wishes K. Laksh when you have such an incredible talent of expressing yourself/your feelings for K in such a romantic/loving manner, you should not at all bother about giving any material gifts. Have a wonderful vacation too! Convey my regards to AKay as well.

  8. @Lakshmi: Thanks da. We did have a nice time.
    @Roop: I hope so too. I think he did think it was touching 🙂
    @SK: Thanks on behalf of him.
    @Rekha: Totally with you on that 🙂
    @Shalu: I think he knows that 🙂
    @B: On my way!
    @Abinaya: Thank you pappu!
    @naan: We think alike. At least it took me this many years to “get” it.
    @Mads: Thank you!
    @Apar: Thank you. Thank you!
    @Mitr: Abs right. Sappy 🙂
    @Suman: Right about that. Am really glad I found him.
    @Roop: Thank you. I am touched.
    @JS: Thank you. We did have a nice time.
    @Shankar: We did. Thank you!
    @Deepa: Gotta ask K 🙂
    @selvi: Thank you!
    @Madhuram: Thank you! You make me blush 🙂

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