Health is wealth

K and I drove with a friend to visit a colleague who was in the hospital after something he ate did not agree with him. While the details of what exactly is wrong with him are murky, seeing him pale and tired in the hospital bed drove home the point how much we take our bodies for granted. For someone who has way too many hospital visits to her credit, it hits me each time it happens. Watching a loved one suffer or seeing someone I know in pain makes me ache.

Each time I go home after a hospital visit I can’t help but imagine what must go through in the minds of the people around. Like in this case his parents back home in India. Worrying and struggling with the knowledge that their son is not well and there is nothing they can do to help. The anxiety and the helplessness of it all. Whether it is a parent not well in India or the child away from home, the pain is terrible.

In some sense it is a wake up call to not ignore our bodies. A jolt to my complacent nature. Each time I grin sheepishly when my doctor tells me to lose weight I forget it will be no laughing matter when I struggle to climb the stairs or hike up a steep trail.

A rather serious way to end the weekend but I hope all of you out there are being kind to your selves. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Health is wealth

  1. Health is wealth. Am just hoping for you know who’s right now!Hoping it is something that can be overcome… Having seen amma suffer for ages now, I definitely know one must take care of oneself and loved ones around one!

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