Drive to NJ, a haircut and icecreams

In all an eventful weekend with family at home. Its been a long time since all of us got together. It was fun to see the kids interact with each other. What amazed me is how much of the person’s personality is clearly evidenced even as a child. Both my nieces were as different as night and day. Each unique and distinct. A very learning couple of days.

On a different note, it was everything a get-together should be. Plenty of food, last minute plan changes and tons of sitting around and catching up. We indulged in window shopping, haircuts at a salon and ice creams at this farm.

More when I am recovered enough from the weekend. Happy Monday y’all!

4 thoughts on “Drive to NJ, a haircut and icecreams

  1. Oh! yeah…the personalities of kids..very very evident…sometimes even as a baby I should say 🙂
    Nice to hear you had a lovely weekend. Hope all your other weekends are the same!

  2. @Apar: True. It was a revelation to me though. I hope my other weekends are as much fun too!
    @Rekha: I can totally imagine!
    @Mitr: Yes I did. Hope your weekend was good too.

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