The V’s are coming!

For the past couple of days, this is all I can think of. The V’s are coming! V and V are my cousin and her daughter and they are visiting us for a week. After a longest time I will be having company at home that involves (hopefully) a lot of arratai sessions and general catching up. Considering we grew up together she has a special place in my heart.

So, while I eagerly waited for today to come, the past two days has seen a lot of activity around the home. Cleaning, dusting and generally getting the guest room ready. Right till K and I left for work this morning we had something or the other to do. All this brought back loads of memories from the past. Waiting for cousins to come home for vacation. Waiting to hear the sound of auto at the door. The clicking of the door latch and the eager welcomes from both sides. Running off to show new clothes, accessories and more. Catching up on school, secrets and the non stop chat sessions.

Visits from family invariably meant “bakshanam” in our home. Either mom making it in honor of the people visiting or the guest bringing some specially for us. If they came from Coimbatore it was A1 chips and if from Trichy it was “dood peda”. Both of which I loved immensely. As I mulled baking a cake or making some sweet today morning, I decided against it and put it away for later. I couldn’t help realizing how little we change and how much we change.

Life is sweet!

8 thoughts on “The V’s are coming!

  1. The way you have expressed is so natural…..infact we were getting reday for lavan and others two months back in the same manner…we got nostalgic memories on reading your blog “V’s are coming”…..

  2. Guests always meant cooking something special when I was there. I used to try make what they would like.
    Have a nice time with the Vs and their kid 🙂

  3. I’m so happy to see you so thrilled. Those were the same feelings I used to have when we visit our relatives homes for vacations or vice versa…But in my childhood, all this happiness will last for may be a day or two, if we are going to stay more than a week, then there would be this “set pirichifying”, and “mudipidi” sandai with my cousins for some or other cause…Oh what a fun we miss these days Laksh…

  4. oh yes, waiting for the sound of the auto is a tiny and cherished childhood memory 🙂 Have a nice time with the V’s! One thing I totally miss here is the lack of cousins and siblings (of my own not the cousins inherited from marriage kind)

  5. @ekr: I understand 🙂 It is fun expecting and getting ready for guests.
    @Suman: Will do. It has been a fun time.
    @Apar: Sadly, I did not make the one item I really wanted to make for V. Let’s see, I still have tonite to make it.
    @Roop: haha! I made rotis sunday cos we were tired of rice!
    @Deepa: LOL 🙂 Totally relate. Our sandais were more of cold shouldering and turning our noses up in the air.
    @vidya: I know. I wonder if K feels that way. Gotta ask him.
    @sl: Thank you! The sound of the auto has a special place in my heart.

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