As I sit weary from my marathon laundry session today, I reflect on where my weekend went. It seemed like it was Friday evening and before I know it, my thoughts are already on what to make for lunch the next day. I check my work calendar to see if I have any early morning meetings I need to prepare for the next day. I sit and long for another day off. I am also reminded of a time in my life when all I wanted to do was to go to work.

Newly married, sitting at home for want of a valid work permit and a market reeling from 9/11, all I wanted to do was go to work. Each day would pass in a blur of longing and hope. In marathon chat sessions and scouring of job boards. Weekends were relief from job hunting.

So, every time I feel my mind longing for a long weekend or an extra day off work, I remind myself of the time when all I wanted was the life I lead now. The mind sure is a fickle thing.

Have a happy Monday!

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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