Another weekend is gone

As I sit weary from my marathon laundry session today, I reflect on where my weekend went. It seemed like it was Friday evening and before I know it, my thoughts are already on what to make for lunch the next day. I check my work calendar to see if I have any early morning meetings I need to prepare for the next day. I sit and long for another day off. I am also reminded of a time in my life when all I wanted to do was to go to work.

Newly married, sitting at home for want of a valid work permit and a market reeling from 9/11, all I wanted to do was go to work. Each day would pass in a blur of longing and hope. In marathon chat sessions and scouring of job boards. Weekends were relief from job hunting.

So, every time I feel my mind longing for a long weekend or an extra day off work, I remind myself of the time when all I wanted was the life I lead now. The mind sure is a fickle thing.

Have a happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “Another weekend is gone

  1. Laksh,
    Can understand. Am pretty much in the same situ, longing for a longer weekend. But yes there was a time when I was longing for this exact job, which made all the change in my life.
    Thanks for the post. Looking forward to monday. Have a great week!!!!

  2. You nailed it!! story of my life:) long for an extra day off every Sunday evening! I feel exactly the way you feel now:) but a good way to put it – a classic case of ‘grass is greener the other side’ :)for me…. happy monday to you too and have a nice week ahead!

  3. Oh Laksh!!!Even after reading youe wish message on this Fresh Monday Morning, I am unable to come out of this Monday Morning Sickness. Above all we had a long weekend since Friday, the I-day. But your message put a smile on my face to look brighter on the start of a new week. So happy monday and a nice week ahead to you too.

  4. True Laksh. There is no glory like the glory of illusion? A line from my 12th std. English prose text book that I recall so often helps me look at things in perspective. Yeah, like you three years back all I wanted was my career to take off, I saw no merits in sitting at home. But now the story is different, and time has become a scarce commodity. Just this weekend I was thinking to myself that I should cherish life as is and find happiness in what I do.

  5. I so wish I could yearn for a weekend to say that I am having 2 days off! Sat for ages in the US with a dependant visa and a bad economy waiting for the GC to be processed…anyways…now, I come here and am still waiting! Though I also have to spend time with A,it will soon be time when he will be ashamed to be seen with me! So, got to make the most of now too! Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!! Adding fuel to the fire…of an indecisive Libran’s brain & turmoil of life 🙂
    Happy week ahead 🙂

  6. Laksh,I am a silent reader in your blog. I love reading your posts and this one brought a smile in my face. I am so in your boat, every sunday feel like weekend just flew. Wish for another day off. Anyway, this is what I wanted and happy week ahead. Will call you sometime this week.

  7. Laksh-

    How true…when I was at home, newly married and waiting for about 10 months to get my EAD and green card, was frantic to go to work. Nowadays, wish there was an additional day to a 2 day weekend to just stay home and relax.

  8. @SK: Most welcome! The week has started though not with a bang. Looking forward to Thurday when we have free lunch at work ;p
    @JS: Wish you the same. Weekend is just four days away 🙂
    @Deepa: Long weekend huh? Should have been fun. Do anything special?
    @Suman: Trust you to come up with something apt to say 🙂 Love that quote. Thanks for sharing. Its true. Live for the moment.
    @Apar: Start that German class. Thats the first step ;p
    @Anamika: I might! 🙂 Actually comfortably ensconced in my couch. No mood to walk outside now.
    @Smitha: Thanks for delurking! Look forward to talking to you.
    @Mitr: Absolutely relate. Right down to 10 months of waiting for EAD.
    @Naan: Well! not much longer to wait. 10 days to go for the next long weekend 🙂

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