My calendar is full!

Yes. I was looking at my calendar this morning and realized from this weekend through mid September I know what I am doing every single day of the week. It is unnerving. I know it is true for most of us but some how the realization is bothering me. Is that how I was growing up? I don’t know. Other than school/college/work days, the rest of the time passed by on an whatever-comes-up basis. I would have friends call and make plans to meet in an hour say. Or decide on an impromptu lunch. Sometimes, I would have people show up at my door. Just like that.

While there is nothing wrong with either, I feel robbed of a certain element of surprise. Whatever! I just felt like penning it down.

11 thoughts on “My calendar is full!

  1. You are an organized, calendar person. Amazed that you have such a lot of activity or things to do/plan till mid Sept. that you can pencil in. In some ways, it makes your life and time fulfilling, but, as you also mention, there is no element of surprise. Maybe, one of these days something may come up and surprise you ):

  2. You want element of surprise? ok, then all the regular bloggers out here, who knows Laksh’s house, can give her an un-scheduled visit (preferably around Tea time)

  3. HI Laksh. I usually love being organised and plan as much as possible,… however,… when I am going through the planned activities, I sometimes feel that I am missing out on spontaniety (as you mentioned). 🙂

  4. @Mitr: Hehe! Most of it has to do with family visiting me and us going on a vacation 🙂 I hope K is reading and will surprise me one day.
    @Villageboy: Do I expect a visit from you sometime?
    @Spillay: Absolutely. That is what I was trying to get to 🙂
    @Madhuram: Sure!! When is Golu btw?

  5. Wow! I don’t know what I am going to do this evening…forget tomorrow or mid Sep!!! 🙂 Trust me, you won’t like that either. I would rather like a balance of your life and mine.
    Yeah, I love it when people just drop in or I could go to someone’s place just like that. Not happening these days…we need to call and make sure the person is available blah blah!
    May be that is why they are called the good old days?!

  6. Oh…calender and stuff huh?? ya…sometimes its gud to have things organised but sometimes its like…”HELLO!!! what’s going on??”….it becomes so boring!! And the funniest part is..whatever situation we are in..we always like the opposite of it… guess thats human psychology!!

  7. Though My calendar is full what I am gonna do…If you ask whether all been done, its a big “Q”. Apart from the official deadline meeting stuff, whatever I mark as a personal thing in my calendar always remained carry forward. So now I came to a conclusion, its okay to break the rule and not have some pre-set things to do. I’ll be happy if my Boss also agrees that way…I know I’m greedy and insane to think like that..What say Laksh??

  8. @Apar: I get what you say and I believe that is what I was getting at. Much as my calendar seems full, the alternative is not what I crave either 🙂
    @Shalu: Absolutely!
    @Suman: Wow! That is something!
    @Deepa: Mabbe you should let your boss read this ;p
    @Madhu: Thanks for the heads up. Will wait for your invite 😀

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