8.8.08 – Happy Birthday Cuz and it’s the Olympics today!

Another of my cousins celebrates his birthday today. Happy Birthday D!!! While there are plenty of nice memories of us growing up some of the ones I remember are you teaching me to brush properly. Yes! you heard that right. He taught me to brush with criss-cross and up and down motions. I used to sleepwalk through my morning brushing ritual and on the rare occasion he stayed with us, he watched me brush and looked on in amazement. He then patiently taught me to brush the right way. I still follow it by the way. 🙂 Another memory that stands out is the two of us huddled in a dark room eavesdropping on our moms chatting away in the night about juicy village tales.

On another note, the Olympics started today and I missed the opening ceremony courtesy the NBC which owns the telecast rights here in the U.S. and we will only get to see a taped segment at U.S. Prime Time! The opening ceremony is the one thing I really love about the games.

Two things caught my attention today in the cyberworld. One is this post by Mad Momma and this piece on MSNBC about a whole bunch of people getting married today because it is a lucky day in Chinese/Cantonese tradition. Both of these had my attention because it had to do in some way with beliefs that our lives are pre-ordained or that we can cause our life to take a certain path by doing certain things.

Have a Happy Weekend!

5 thoughts on “8.8.08 – Happy Birthday Cuz and it’s the Olympics today!

  1. Laksh-

    8/8/08- nice day for a birthday and a luck day on the Chinese calendar, too. We missed the Olympic inaugrals, it was early in the morning in west coast for us, hope to cath glipmses later on the news tonight. Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday to your cousin!!! Re the opening ceremony – IT WAS FABULOUS!!! We’re lucky that Beijing is only 2 hours behind, so the family watched it live… 🙂 Made a party out of it too, with pop corn and spring rolls and puffy dogs etc, etc, etc. Can’t wait for the swimming to start too!!! Happy Olympics!!!

  3. @Mitr: I know! 🙂 You did not miss it. It was not telecast live in the US by NBC. They aired a taped session at US prime time.
    @Spillay: Thank you! Am sure it was fab. I caught it on youtube and later on TV. Still was not the same as watching live.

  4. Yet another thing we have in common:) I also have a cousin whose bday is today 8/8/08:)

    Have a nice weekend!

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