As Akay pinged me like she usually does, I responded with a cheery Hi! A couple of lines later, she asked if I was following the Niketa and Harsh Mehta news story. I was. You can read more on the case/story here.

While I have opinions on some matters, Akay is the one who has a stand on almost every thing. She is a brilliant debater and can zone in on uncomfortable questions with unerring accuracy. I love her specifically for this trait of hers. She makes me think and re-evaluate my choices. Like a Devil’s advocate she argues merits and demerits of my stance. More often than not, I end up saying “You are right!”.

Today however as short as the discussion was, I ended up feeling more pro-choice than ever. I have often followed the pro-life/pro-choice debate without actually feeling passionate about it. Since it was something I have never experienced I couldn’t react to it emotionally. The past years, seeing my nieces and nephews born, something in me treasured the health and vivacity in their eyes. I watched as mothers struggled when their children were sick. I felt the heartache, the trauma and the emotional pain they went through.

Following Niketa and Harsh Mehta, my heart goes out to them. I ache of the days ahead where they will end up struggling hard to establish a normal quality of life for their beloved child. I really don’t care what the law says. I strongly feel the woman has the right to choose if she wants to bring a child into the world knowing it will suffer. Having said that, I know there will be someone who asks does that mean female foeticide is justified? In my view I find that practice disgusting and have no words to trade for such an argument. I realize it is a grey area and opinions are bound to change with circumstances but in circumstances like the one Niketa finds herself, I am pro-choice.

What are you? Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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