Waiting to have my blood drawn as part of some routine checks, I noticed this in the waiting area. I couldn’t help smiling to myself. As K summed it – thodappa kattai in a chatti (brooms in a pot).

As we waited, we ended up discussing decor and what is Art. Growing up, I remember lots of jokes about what passed for “modern art”. In movies, in magazines and sometimes in sarcasm. When K and I bought our home, I wanted to fill it with knick-knacks from India. A kathakali mask, an embroidered table cloth that would go up as a wall hanging, the burnished steel utensils that could pass off at corner pieces and so on. Eventually my home boasted of none. Not sure when I gave up on my interior decoration skills but I managed to put some gifts we received on the walls and told myself less is best.

I love looking around when I visit friends to see how creative they have been with Indian pieces and am almost always wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

So, now you tell me about some innovative things you have done with your home. Might help Bavani you know 🙂

9 thoughts on “Artsy?

  1. Ya, during the first year or so, my husband and I were heavily into decorating our 1 bedroom apartment. Now, it’s pretty much down to the basics, and we rarely have time to even look at the walls. Our biggest challenge so far has been trying to frame a rajasthani silk painting. Since they come in odd sizes, and custom framing even with discounts costs an arm and a leg, we eventually managed to frame it ourselves for 20 bucks or so. That’s our proudest piece of artwork so far.

  2. I did some cross stitch & embroidery with the theme of butterflies; small ones and hung them on the walls of the stairs which led to my home(?!?) there. A couple of Rajasthani embroidered pieces on either side of a window of a large wall, a sun calendar got from the gift shop at Hearst Castle (hope I got the name right!), a Bengali kali mounted on a “moram”, terracotta chime( a gift from my parents), tanjore painting, bamboo shoots, a japanese paper lamp, a few paintings I did, an ornate clock….I guess you could call that place a weird decor! 😀 Was trying to accumulate things then to set up theme rooms when I got a home. Now…well….:) I hope I have a roof over my head the next day!

  3. Lol on the comment ” Thodappa kattai in a chatti”
    Our living room can be called a Pillayar room (lol)
    The fire place mantel holds arnd 8 Pillayars of varying sizes and types while the TV stand has a Marble Krishna and some terra kota idols. One side of the wall has a Diamond shaped Ganapathy Embroidery pinned and there are a couple of Black an white Metal Pillayars mounted to the walls adjacent to the windows. My goal is to increase the Pillayarness of this room as much as possible!

  4. Thanks Laksh 🙂 – I sure could use those tips – except that I probably don’t have the skills as some of them above. We are still just looking for a house – but I will definitely put up pictures once we have moved into one and decorated it. I also plan to bring back some things from my mum’s home in singapore – my dad collected some interesting things. He used to play the flute so I’ll bring back some of those to use as decoration and part of my altar too (he collected hundreds!) – my parents’ home was decorated with many musical instruments – now if only I could ship that huge thampoora…one day……sorry for the long comment!

  5. oh yeah!! The Pillayars.. AparnaSTrichy…I have – oops had them too, lots and lots, small ones only though and had bought a few more to add to the collection 🙂 and one Krishna in a thottil. Again as Laksh and I were talking, many of the decor items were gifts 🙂

  6. Thodappa kattai in a chatti, could not help laughing, actually speaking I found that looking good 🙂 Well before I got married I wanted to decorate my house beautifully and always imagined that I would do this and that but I have done nothing here though I keep telling myself someday when I own a house I would def do it. Will let you know then how I decorated it 🙂

  7. @Rekha: Any pics of your hand made frame? Would love to take a peek.
    @Apar: You will soon enough and have more than a hard time managing Aakash and setting up home 🙂
    @Aparna: I have seen a home with more than a 100 pillayars in NJ. It was fascinating.
    @Bavani:Musical theme sounds cool. A fitting way to pay tribute to your dad’s hobby.
    @Sachita: I thought so too. Which is why I had to take a picture 🙂 Getting to your tag today.
    @Mads: Please do. 🙂

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