Reading a chore?

Yesterday after we were done dinner I curled up on the couch in my living room with Jhumpa Lahiri’s An Unaccustomed Earth. Strains of music filtered in from the TV in the family room where K sat lost in his world full of lights and sound emanating from the TV. It took me a while to get settled in comfortably and get ‘lost’ in the story within the book. To be the character walking along the sidewalk or the one musing over her life in her oak paneled kitchen. I will do a review on the book tonight or tomorrow in keeping with Thoughtful Thursdays.

What I realized yesterday though was reading the book because I had  to write up a review seemed less fulfilling than reading a book because I enjoy doing it. I felt pressured to finish as much as I can. Pressured to look at it objectively. At least initially. Once I got involved with the flow of words and the story within the story I was lost to my current world. It reminded me of the other post I had written about having a job I enjoyed. It only reinforces the fact that pleasure is in things that are not time bound. In things I do because I want  to and not because I have to.

4 thoughts on “Reading a chore?

  1. My thoughts exactly…about anything at all! Being forced into doing something, the force coming in any way just pressurises you. In fact, I personally tend to do the opposite of what is being suggested or at least thing of rebelling. Off late, this is happening way too much with everyone having an opinion about how I must live my life!!

  2. btw. laksh when is the due date for the review..i got the book from the library and yep! i may sorta go thru what you are going thru…unless someone tells me not to do the report..i will read the book 2 times with gusto and write an elaborate report just to make that person mad :D…i know..i am evil 😉

  3. I think it depends on the individual Laksh. I work better under deadline driven environment than when I have ample time at my disposal. Also, when there are gazillion things competing for your time and attention, deadline helps in prioritizing. I tend to get lost in the day-to-day mundane activities and chores until I make conscious efforts to do the things that I cherish, which is why Thoughtful Thursdays are great for me. I try to finish these books the weekend before. Knowing that I am not doing it in the very last minute, relieves me of the pressure and allows me to savor the books.

  4. @Apar: I rebel too when am forced to do something. Except when I am forcing myself 🙂
    @Rajitha: Due tomorrow! Sorry I haven’t responded earlier to your question. If you can’t get it in time, not a problem. Let me know when you are done and I will link it back.
    @Suman: I should follow your method. Marked for the next book I plan to read 🙂

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