14 thoughts on “Drool! Drool!!!

  1. I think I would rather be a guy in this situation. And vazhai ilai beats Corelle or any other hand painted, hand made, whatever kind of plate anyday.

  2. i wanna be both, guy and gal :), anything on the ila I will take, food or jewellery!! gorgeous picture, which ad would that be ,bheema? and mouthwatering sadhya…reminds me that Onam is here…almost 🙂

  3. Guy no doubt!! what’s wrong with us women! :

    o btw, we get fake vazha ilais these days.. the ads haunt me on the channel!

  4. Indian advertisements are unbeatable, aren’t they? I keep telling myself that if I miss home, then all I have to do is to go on you tube and watch some Indian advertisements – nothing captures Indianess more than they do.

  5. Me too, me too… a Guy…And the saappadu in the Vaazhai Ilai is breath taking rather than the jewellery. I also dont like the idea of winning a girls heart through these gold jewellery stuff…Crap idea these days…aint our comments a proof here? (atleast if it is platinum or diamond i think it is okay). Basically and biologically I am a girl you know. 😛

  6. Good one…. I can relate this post to the advertisement of Prince Jewellery. Want to have atleast one jewel in that vazhai ilai 🙂

  7. @All: Like rads says, what is wrong with us all? With the exception of Anila, Abi and partly Akay looks like all of us are more men than women 🙂 Anyways good for the people in our lives 🙂

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