No. Not those words!

Lying on the couch yesterday afternoon after a filling meal consisting of leftovers from the get-together on Saturday. I watched K clear the kitchen. A random thought crossed my mind and I asked him “How many ‘bad’ words do you know?” Interest piqued, he thought long and hard and replied with some of the commonly used ones. “Why do you want to know?” he asked. We went on to having an interesting conversation on how many of them so called “bad” words are references to human anatomy or plain disrespectful to animals. I was also amazed at how many more words I knew than K. I some how had the misconceived notion that guys usually do know more than women. Well! I stood corrected. 🙂

I have often wondered if dogs, donkeys and pigs would be mortally offended at being compared to humans. Beyond the occasional “Saavu graki” I have heard in PTC buses, my repertoire of swear words come from watching TV and the movies. There are very few occasions in my life that I have uttered one out loud. I mean other than the idiot, stupid, rascal kinds.

Something about how I grew up still makes me uncomfortable when I hear people swear. I mean proper cursing. The kind Ramsey does on his Hell’s Kitchen episodes. I watch it in spite of it and have grown to like it in some kind of weird way.

I thought I’d ask YOU what you think. Does swearing make you uncomfortable? Or does it provide a vent off when needed?

12 thoughts on “No. Not those words!

  1. Absolutely the latter- I grew up with absolutely no swear words and in a very very softspoken upbringing, but for some weird reason end up cussing and swearing like a sailor( after all, I am a sailor’s offspring) ever since I had to go through some really traumatic and tragic things in life- those years of tragedy and literally plain old shock, trauma and despair make me balk at nothing now- nothing really shocks or shakes me these days- and I vent off with swear words rather than sit and cry in a corner…. I guess I have effectively managed to substitute anger for sorrow…… I admit- I SWEAR- A LOT!!

  2. does not make me a wee bit uncomfortable..i swear A LOT :D…funny coz nobody in my home swears..but hubs and me do it quite a lot…i am also amused at ppl. who get all their nerves shaken and act all victorian just coz someone is using colorful language…

  3. Well, I am also from quite a soft upbringing. My mother & father will be shocked to know I swear! I don’t have a great vocabulary in that respect; but circumstances have made me swear…initially I used to feel bad that I did. These days, I am like better out than in. I am also told the best way to learn a language is to learn the swear words first. Though, I know none in most languages I speak! 🙂
    By the way, I had this conv with Y the other day (also with you I think); from watching the movie Definitely, Maybe. The little gal’s character asks what is the guy word for slut? And there is no answer. That made me think…how many terms are there associated derogatorily to women; even swearing at a guy, they say “sob” Even swearing is so chauvinistic!! 😉

  4. well…as a teen…swear words are a part of KOOL LINGO that most of us are supposed to use! but honestly speaking, apart from the times you just cannot control it, swear words shouldn’t be used! it does set a bad impression…
    a lot of my friends use swear words as a part of their normal language which gets irritating sometimes!

  5. I grew up not using swear words and am not comfortable using them. Infact, I am very prejudiced against ppl who use swear words 🙂 I don’t like to use it and don’t think there is a situation that is so out of control that you need to use it – period. That said, there are some out of whack situations when I end up using it and regret later – I agree with Shalu in that it is just bad impression and also brings down your personal character, in a way.

  6. Hmmmm – about swearing. I never used to curse until I moved to New Zealand during my high school days – I picked it up then, mostly the Chef Ramsey’s word. When I came back to University in Singapore, I stopped since it wasn’t common and haven’t really picked it up since (unless I’m really really mad, which is hardly) – and definitely not when Divya is around.

    Anyway, my take on swearing – I don’t frown upon it or people who do – unless it’s around my little one. I have come to learn in life that words or the “outside” appearance don’t really show a true person’s nature. I had a friend (a guy) who just used “the word” all the time – but he was the kindest person who was always just a phone call away to help ANYONE in trouble.

    There are also people who NEVER swear, are all smiles and nice words – but are ready to stab you in the back, gossip or be nasty in different ways. So I feel it’s truly difficult to judge people based only words they use or don’t use.

    My long 2-cents’ worth 🙂

  7. hmmmm… nice topic actually… I have never used any swear words… and I dont think so i will use it in any situation… I rather sit at a corner and cry than using those words…

    For me if someone(friends usually) uses swear words when they are angry with me… I’ll be hurt… and I will be thinking what I did that makes them to use such a word… ya… it just scares me away from the person… 😦 . If its a stranger… I rather hit them hard on the head…

  8. Just an add on, I don’t like swearing around any kid…like what Bavani has written. Why inflict something that is considered bad behaviour on them? The way I grew up with no one swearing even when tempers were flying wild. The few swear words I picked up are definitely from watching movies/TV and of course peer group. So, I am sure I am not protecting A from anything for too long; but he will not get them from me!

  9. There was never any swearing at home when I was growing up, so never was exposed to this at home. But, it was a different story at school and then, at uni. Although, I grew immune to it,… I myself never swear outwardly. Occasionally a “mild” word may escape my breath,… but nothing to fret about.

    I also agree with what Bavani said in her comments above.

  10. Well…for me Swearing is a “Big No”. I was asked to stand outside the gate for may be 30 mins for calling my lil sister “Saniyane”. I dont remember where I picked the word from, but it frowned my dad to punish his 12 yr old daughter…Later it had become so common with close friends to call them “Dog, Pig, Donkey, Porukki, Dhandam, Pei, Pisaasu and all in college and work place. But I had tough time when I got into a family where everyone speaks some words which was taught to me as “Profane”. When G used a dash word against me once I was literally shattered. Even now I dont think I would use such a word at the very worst situation.

  11. Even I grew up in an environment where there was no swearing. Actually I was not even comfortable using podi, vadi among friends. So I used a lot of “pa/ma” in my sentences. But after coming here and watching a lot of movies I did pick up the famous “f” word, but I try not to use it. So I came up with an idea, whenever I’m mad, especially when S drives me crazy and want to shout at him I use the word “dash”. I want to scold him, but I dont want to use even muttal or idiot, so came up with “dash”. Now Arjun has picked up dash, hope it’s ok. He says “sariyana dash nee”

  12. @B: Interesting take. How much do you think your life experiences have changed the way you look at cursing?
    @Rajitha: 🙂 I hear colorful language around me a lot and I do not think of myself as a prude but it sure does make me feel uncomfortable. It surprises rather than shocks me.
    @Apar: I did think of it. It makes me wonder why swear words are mostly feminine in content or reference. Most definitely chauvinistic.
    @Shalu: You are right on the money. It definitely does not look good. At least in my eyes 🙂
    @Akay: Knowing you, I know how you feel about 🙂 Though it makes me uncomfortable it does not prejudice me against people who use them.
    @Bavani: You summed up how I feel beautifully.
    @Selvi: Welcome here. I laughed out loud when I read your last sentence. 🙂
    @Spillay: I think the only time I have used the “F” word is while driving, which is rare ;p
    @Deepa: Like you, I have levels of “bad” words I use. The ones you mention are not really considered “bad” in my view. I agree with your “dash” words though 🙂
    @Madhu: “Dash” LOL 🙂 I can totally imagine you using it.

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