May they rot in hell!!!

I logged in to chat with my mom early this morning like I sometimes do and she said “Bangalore rocked by bomb blasts.” My first reaction was to blank out. The IISc blasts are still fresh in memory considering K is an IISc alumnus and it affected him deeply. Channeling my energies into finding out what really happened, I found most news headlines pretty much said the same things. Mid day blast, targeting people during the busy lunch hour and serial in nature.

How many such blasts have to happen till we find it in us to hunt down and punish those who bait innocent civilians in their power play? I know it is anger talking but I can’t help imagine the poor lady waiting at the bus stop with her husband to catch the bus and getting blown to pieces because some wacko sitting high in his/her den decided to blow up the bus stand. It is so wrong!

I pray for her soul to rest in peace. I hope whoever planned and executed these attacks meet with a fate worse than this.

Nasama po! May they rot in hell!!

3 thoughts on “May they rot in hell!!!

  1. seriously laksh…the ppl. with whom they are really angry are happily in their huuuge homes having a gala time..while the common people have to face the music. I so echo ur sentiments of them meeting a horrible and terrible life and end..then i realise they already must be having it and i guess know will die like a dog…but i can’t help but get my BP high!

  2. @Rajitha: I know what you mean. I heaped some real innovative curses on the perpetrators.
    @Mitr: It is. Now Ahmedabad too.

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