Is the tamasha over?

The UPA Goverment wins the trust vote.

Not that I am a big follower of politics but some events catch my attention more than others. I have very little idea about what this means long term for India and the India – US ties. But what interested me was how my opinion of Manmohan Singh changed. For someone whom I thought was quiet and unassuming, he seems to have taken a stand and faced the communists head on. Irrespective of the political and practical implications today’s events will have on the lay person, I think I have a new found respect for Manmohan.

Am sure there will be tons of articles analysing and dissecting today’s events but I would love to hear what YOU think.

12 thoughts on “Is the tamasha over?

  1. I used to be a big fan of Manmohan Singh as a finance minister. The team that they had during Narasimha Rao’s (Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram, Montek Singh, Rangarajan) leadership was just amazing and timely. Haven’t really followed Manmohan’s stunt as a PM 😦

  2. @Suman: I really hope this will push some pro economic reforms out sooner. Like I said am a political newbie and don’t follow it much but some things like this, I read on and off and wonder what the real ‘thinkers’ feel about it.

  3. What do we all know about this Nuclear Deal. It is not btwn India and US. It is btwn India and US companies which are eyeing a Trillion Dollar market (in 10 years). Companies like GE and Others are putting so much pressure on the Indian Government and look at what BJP has to say..They are not against it, but will re-negoiate it (underline – Re-negotiate).
    The bottom line is that we dont (except the few) know the content of the agreement and espically whether these Companies will use Indian Sites to dump Nuclear waste etc.
    Just out of Curiosity, why on earth is US so keen on providing so much help to India in building these plants, when only 17 % of US power comes from Nuclear plants.
    I am neither for nor against this agreement, but I wanted this to be transparent.

  4. My admiration of MM Singh has gone up too. But then he has always been my favourite politician! I shouldn’t really say politician because I think he manages to rise over the muck even if he is floating in it.

  5. I completely agree with VillageBoy, it is not the Left, the BJP or whatsoever keen on making people know what it is all about, they care a damn about these “People”, it is just how this Govt. can be dismissed, who comes to power next, who to make alliance with drama. God Damn.

  6. Hi Laksh

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Manmohan Singh is a great economic reformist and that is the beginning and end of (t)his story. He was and is not a great-shakes politician. The fact that he has to run to Sonia Gandhi every-time he wants to sneeze in parliament to find out if that is ok to do or not, simply shows it.

    Very few Indians recognize the political genius that was PV Narasimha Rao. Under his cabinet everyone excelled in whatever they were best at. But that doesn’t automatically make each of them a great politician. Today’s Congress as I see it is nothing but a set of people willing to lick anything that ends with “Gandhi”. And the same set of people will linger on and stay indecisive and keep procrastinating any (and I say any) reforms, economic or otherwise, just because they are more concerned about staying in power and can’t afford to risk instigating their allies. I don’t see any charismatic leader in their ranks. I usually hate to agree with Advani, but this once I have to agree with him when he says “Stop being Sonia’s puppets/pets”

    Sorry to be so frank, but I respect Manmohan Singh as an economist and only an economist. As a politician he has been a disaster through and through.

  7. Villageboy, it is true – we do not know the exact contents of the agreement. But please tell me which international agreement is open for public consumption? As far as I am concerned, this agreement is less about an alternative power source (though that is an important part) but about entry into the legal international nuclear club. So far, the world’s largest democracy was treated as a nuclear pariah, on par with the Irans and North Koreas of the world. No one would sell us nuclear material or know-how and we were treated with suspicion in spite of never having had a history of dangerous nuclear proliferation. This deal gives us legitimacy.
    And more importantly, I trust Manmohan Singh. He is the biggest reason I support the deal. He might have taken the support of corrupt and untrustworthy politicians to push the trust motion through (read the Amar Singhs of the world), but at a personal level I don’t think he would do anything that would compromise India’s integrity.
    As far as Divya’s comments are concerned, they reflect a paranoia about the Gandhi family that I believe is unwarranted. Sonia Gandhi is the democratically elected leader of the largest party in parliament. She should have been prime minister – but gave it up. Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister and this deal was entirely his baby. He took a stand on this, something everyone was accusing him of not taking, and came out good – at least in the short run.

  8. @Small Talk – I am not paranoid about anything Gandhi. I just hate how the politicians behave subserviently when a “Gandhi” is concerned. Its disgust rather than paranoia. If you are saying that the fact that she gave up Prime Ministership is a virtue, I couldn’t agree less. I don’t know why she did that, but I certainly don’t see that as a virtue.

  9. πŸ™‚ Ok, Divya. But even you must admit, this nuclear deal is Manmohan Singh’s baby. Not Sonia Gandhi’s, not Rahul Gandhi’s or any other Gandhi’s.

  10. Nuclear deal or not, all that this govt did to stay in power is a mockery of democracy and the parliament system at the least. It is an open secret that money exchanged hands, and we are talking in crores to ensure the govt stayed in power. It was not just money, but promises of every other kind from the sethusamudram project to cabinet berths to what not – we will know eventually. All this makes me feel ashamed and any iota of respect that I had for the PM is lost – one needn’t stay in power at this cost. Where is probity and where is integrity? Looks like the new adage is “All is fair to stay in power” . Am I surprised to see this from Congress? No. from Sonia? No. from Amar Singh? No.

    But I expected more from you, Mr.Prime Minister. You have let us all down…

  11. @All: I find your views very insightful and I am guessing between SmallTalk, VillageBoy, Divya and Akay we have covered all views on this. πŸ™‚

  12. Couldn’t agree more A-Kay. And worse of all, they are now going to have yet another one of those ubiquitous probes on who bribed whom and how much and who is to blame. Some more tax-payer money gone down the drain! And for what? Its not like taking and giving money is new to any one of these damn politicians. Why waste time and money finding out what went on.

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