Ahh! The arrogance of youth..

As I liberally dusted myself with Mysore Sandal Talc today morning in what appears to be a recent habit, I couldn’t help thinking back at the days I scorned my amma, appa and athai for coating themselves liberally with talc. I would tease them saying the powder was an inch think on their face and neck and they would dismiss me as silly.

I remember when amma would chide me for sitting curled up with a book when I aught to have, like all good girls washed my face, applied talc and a nice new bindi. It was probably the only piece of ‘beauty’ advice she passed on to me from mom to daughter. Which of course I did not take. “Palichinu irruka vendaamo” she would say.

The talcum powder tales are dime a dozen in any household but some of the sharp memories I have are of my dad pressing the powder pack till a small mound of talc would rest on the palm of his hand. He would replace the box and rub both his hands vigorously and then smooth the powder all over his face, neck and arms. He would then turn back with a smile as I teased him. I also remember my athai pleading with me during weddings and other festivals at home to ‘brighten’ up with a bit of powder.

I also remember airily dismissing them saying I did not need to take recourse to talc to make me look beautiful. I looked just right au naturale I thought. On the wrong side of thirty, I am ready to take anything that will make me feel younger.

Ahh! for the arrogance of youth I thought as I merrily squirted talc all over myself.

8 thoughts on “Ahh! The arrogance of youth..

  1. oh laksh!! my appa puts powder the same way!! i used to and still laugh when he does that…isn’t it funny!! there are so many similarities in all our lives…but all of us are still unique :)..and about being palicchu at home…my family gave up on me looong back…

  2. Laksh-

    my mom still puts powder liberally all over and says the same thing. The only person I’ve met in my life who never uses any powder or doesn’t like to apply powder at all is my hubby.

  3. I never use powder after I moved to US. In Chennai I used to use it along with everyone else and it is so weird when I think about it now :-)..nice post.

  4. I actually had forgotten about this little ritual. 🙂 I can say safely that I am like Mitr’s hubby – I don’t like and never use powder. Even as a child I disliked this tradition as the powder used to make my sensitive eyes sore and red. 😦

  5. My dad still uses powder. Me never!! I did not even use baby powder on A. Thanks to our already dry skin texture, this was one thing we avoid. Besides, I am also on the wrong side of 30 if you want to call it that; I still avoid make-up like hell. The occasional eye-liner on a special occasion; that is about it! Weird that I am not that much into any of this and never had been either. I used to hate apply make up even during my dance programs!!! and would try get away with bare minimum even then 😉
    I am not against it per se, my personal pref is no, thank you! 🙂 I have actually seen make up and the likes enhance people’s natural beauty.
    ok…there I go!!long and winding. I better stop!! 😀

  6. It irked. Just the thought of the talcum powder. I stopped using talc since I was 8 yrs old ( 3rd std). I cried the whole day when my principal sister stopped me during the school assembly and enquired whether my dad was having a powder factory. She asked me to wipe my face in front of my classmates pointing to the ‘over powdered’ face, I dunno why mom did that on the day. I felt insulted and agitated since then to wear powder. And of all these years, I dint wear it at all, no not even for my wedding. I became over cautious about the make-up during my wedding reception, (just because of my SIL and G) and got the beautician to her nerve…LOL I asked almost everyone who came on stage whether I had over-make up.

  7. He He!!! gud one….even my dad does that n even i tell him to stop doing that all the time!
    I hate putting powder on the face…it looks so artificial! But im still in my teens so i guess my arrogance wont wear off that easily…:p.

  8. @Rajitha: My family did too. I mean give up on me. The reason for the post is cos I took up something I used to abhor in others. Funny life!
    @Mitr: 🙂 Some day he will cave in 🙂
    @Naan: I never did in Chennai or CBE or all the many cities I lived in. Even now I wouldn’t have except for stumbling into one box left by my FIL. I tried it on for novelty one day and loved the smell. Now am hooked!
    @Spillay: Poor you. Luckily I never had any allergies. I just hated the one inch thick powder on ppl’s faces. Even now as a fad when I do it. I wipe my face with a towel and make sure my face doesn’t look like a ghost 🙂
    @Apar: I don’t use make up either. Even the occasional eye liner. The powder is a fancy now. Goodness knows how long it will last 🙂
    @Deepa: Boy! that is some childhood trauma. If I had been subject to that am sure I’d be doing exactly what you do! Sorry to hear you had to go through that.
    @Shalu: Hehe 🙂 I totally know where you come from. You wait missy 🙂

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