The World is a Zoo.

Bright and early Saturday morning K and I set out with friends to the Zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo as it proudly proclaims is supposed  to be the first Zoo in America. After having planned for many times but never having actually visited we were eager to see what it had to offer.

More than the actual animals or birds what fascinated us was the guide who led us from exhibit to exhibit tenderly referring to the animals by their names. He gave us much history of where the animals came from, how old they were and some trivia about them.

Some of the highlights of the trip were the big cats i.e., Puma, Siberian Tigers, Lions, Leopards and Amurs. Then we got to admire a couple of gorillas and chimps in neighbouring cages. Then we walked along wooded areas where lemurs and other primates had a free run of the trees. Pausing to admire them we made out way to the aviary section. The top pick there were a few flamingos. Couple of them were nesting. We lingered watching the delicately colored birds for a while before we went on to see Penguins and such.

Another highlight was the up close and personal look at a Giraffe. As I stood wondering how it would manage to drink water with such a long neck, it bent down to take a sip. Comical as it looked, I could not resist feeling amazed either.

To round up the visit, we stopped by last by the Reptile cages. The whole area was deliciously chill and offered respite from the 100 degree heat the rest of the area was sweltering from. As we moved from one glass cage to another I was transfixed by the snakes. Each curling up into tight balls or lazily watching the crowds milling around them. The coloration on each of these fascinating creatures was mind boggling. Some of them blended into the rocks behind them so well that it was hard to pick them apart.

We were in the Zoo for about five hours. A visit well worth it.

4 thoughts on “The World is a Zoo.

  1. We were also planning to visit the zoo this sat/sun, but we couldn’t make it. Did you take the balloon ride, we did it last time and it was good.

  2. @Deepa: I have been to Vandalur in Chennai and Vedanthangal again in Chennai. That apart one in Wash DC and now the Philly Zoo.
    @Madhu: Oh! Did not do the balloon ride. Will do next time.
    @UL: I know. Its come out well.

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