That’s some dance!

Random YouTubing got me to this. A dance choreographed by Nakul Mahajan for the Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance”. I was smiling all the way through the end.

So, what do YOU think? I think it is freaking awesome 🙂

7 thoughts on “That’s some dance!

  1. Perfect words that you chose – freaking awesome 🙂
    Thanks for putting that smile on my face this morning by posting the video!
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Wow!!..way better than the live shows in which we see Bollywood stars dancing. The only thing that seemed lacking was a little bit of grace. But otherwise simply amazing to see the energy level and the perfection in steps :-)..thanks for sharing..really enjoyed it.

  3. @Mads: Glad you liked it!
    @Bavani: Hope you had a nice day too. I must have watched that video at least ten times since yesterday. The novelty of it all takes my breath away 🙂
    @Naan: I know! I loved the choreography and the energy. Seriously, if only half of us knew there was a career to be made in dappan kuttu, why would we have bothered mugging so much up? 😛

  4. I liked your comment @Naan. Seriously I think I’d have enjoyed and earned something better than now by starting a dance school, if only I pursued it with some seriousness those days. Deep regrets.

  5. laksh,
    i have come to rely on your blog to find something that evokes simple, sweet, nostalgic memories everytime- and this entry did not disappoint! thank you for sharing this video- pretty darn cool.

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