A bountiful harvest!

Not long back, like I mentioned here, K and I decided to go green and plant some seeds in planters on our little deck. When we embarked on the project, we did so without expectation. The idea was to get started, learn on the way and enjoy the process.

Two months later, our plants are blooming and starting to yield results. The joys of seeing something that we plant bear fruit is simply beautiful. Each day in the morning, I throw open the curtains that hide my deck and look outside in pleasure.

Here is a confession, I actually talk to my plants. Ask them how they are doing and cajole them into being good. The efforts have paid off. So, this weekend, K and I did a mini harvest and here are the results.

14 thoughts on “A bountiful harvest!

  1. Wow laks! Everything looks so good and green! Good for you. In the meanwhile, my peppers have died 😦 . Tomatoes still have some life in them..but god know whether they are going to yield anything. Maybe I shd try talking to them 🙂

  2. It looks awesome! I can’t wait to grow my own “food” when we get a house. I can just imagine how satisfying it must be to cook from your own garden 🙂

    Have a wonderful week – and don’t worry – with your passion for writing, I’m sure you’ll get out of that “lull” and get back into it. Just look into your heart and ask yourself what you would like to achieve from your blog – do not think too hard about the readers for now. You have brough about awareness on some topics – that maybe an option? I always believe that awareness is the first step in change in the world 🙂

  3. Wow.. Super! We have also planted a few but I guess have a long wait to go before we see our chillies, tomatoes, capsicums and pudhina.

  4. veggies from ‘our’ backyard garden tastes better right :D…i take tons of pics and keep telling how great the curry turned out..coz ‘fresh’ veggie from the garden has been used. i also take that opportunity to praise myself..totally shameless na 🙂

  5. Kudos Laksh!!! It is so “Green” and will remain the same forever in your memories. The Yellow rose is breath taking! Is that the “Chembaruthampoo” or ‘Chemparuthi’ Laksh in the other Pic? The leaves look so.Now I’ll hook G to your blog and will be able to convince him for some plants in my home too. It definitely looks awesome.

  6. Awesome….looks great….I know how much of caring this must have taken…..kudos on the time and effort…

  7. @Laks: Thanks!! You can try singing as well 🙂
    @Bavani: Thank you for the encouraging words. I hope this is just a “lull” 🙂
    @Rekha: Thank yoU! Actually the wait is like 6 weeks 🙂
    @Pappu: Great idea. Was actually thinking of signing up with the local CSA ;p
    @Madhu: Next time around. Wait! it is a secret no longer 🙂
    @Mitr: Thank you. Enjoyed nice aviyal from beans and peas from the garden
    @Rajitha: You spoke for me. Yes shameless for sure. But, its ok 🙂
    @JS: Thank you!!!
    @Deepa: Let me know what G says. Here’s to your new garden!
    @Apar: Music hmm! Will see how I can hook our music system to play for the plants.
    @Arch: Thanks da! All efforts by K 🙂 I just take the credit ;p

  8. Wow that’s amazing Laksh, I wish I could do it too.. but I havent dared to so far..but this is definitely an inspiration.

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