Tis a special day!

Yes. My fav cuz celebrates her birthday and another fav cuz gets married today to another member of the extended family. Or will be married by the time the day is over.

I sit here in the morning stillness wondering if the nischayadhartham is over or if the birthday girl is up so I can call and wish her.

All I remember of cuz V’s birthday’s are the mounds of cards, flowers and gifts she would get from her humungous circle of friends many of whom are still in touch today. It used to amaze me and still does that she evokes such a special response from people who know her well. So, here’s wishing a day full of smiles, chocolate treats, plenty of wrapped gifts and a whole lot of love from all around you. Have a wonderful birthday V!!!

As for R and S, I wish nothing but the best kind of happiness on you. Hope your life is filled with love and respect for each other. Arguments that never proceed beyond an hour. Romance in the simple things you do for each other and a life well loved.

As for the rest of us. I hope we have a good Sunday 🙂

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