Goodbyes are hard!

Back at my desk after the regular status meeting our team has each week, my eyes fell on an innocuous looking email titled “Monday”. I opened it to find my friend saying that Monday would be his last day with our team. I was shocked in some sense because it was too sudden. There was nothing to indicate he was looking to change. More than all that I think it was because I felt a connection to him. A good friend. That was what he was. The person that bought me a milkshake when I felt down. He stood for friendliness where I had come to expect standard small talk.

By the time the day was over, the team had put together a plan for a farewell lunch, gift and a card. Like we do when people leave the group. I left work wondering how much our personal interactions define how happy we are at work. Some of the best workplaces I have been in have always been defined by the people in it. The work has always been secondary for me. I have gladly worked for peanuts when I found rich friendships at work. Each time something like this happens, I mourn the loss of good times and I wish the other all the very best. I hope they will be in touch.

Goodbyes are hard.

6 thoughts on “Goodbyes are hard!

  1. Yes, goodbyes are harder. I think goodbyes are harder on the person who stays than it is for the person who leaves. For the person that leaves, at least there is something to look forward to.

    In some instances, goodbyes have made certain friendships stronger, and for others they have gotten weaker.

  2. Definitely!
    But nowadays I rarely get connected to a person, enough to miss them really badly. Ok may be some but definitely not many.
    Especially if that someone is the chord tieing the whole group, its tougher, the whole group disintergrates. Sad.

  3. I agree with you totally that, to me, people whom I work with are more valuable than the actual work. I would be happy to stay in a job if I am happy with the people there, even if work was bad.

  4. Goodbyes are hard! And yes, colleagues make a huge difference in your workplace/daily life. Sometimes, you even see them for a longer part of your waking hours than you do with your own family and friends – so they are definitely so important. I know how much I used to love going to work at some of the places I worked at because I actually looked forward to the chatting we would have 🙂

    I do remember your milkshake-friend story 🙂 – don’t worry, different friends play different roles in our lives at different times. You’ll find another milkshake friend 🙂

  5. Oh Ya.. it is definitely harder for the both the ends. I found it very difficult when I moved out of my previous job a month back. The first thought to strike my mind was oh I’ll have to make new friends. I was sure that I wont miss my friends from my previous company. But the worries are only about to accustom to the new culture.

  6. @Suman: Absolutely. Same like death in some sense. I know it sounds morbid but couldn’t help expressing it.
    @SK: I would attribute that to having DH in your life now. I noticed that most of my good friendships are from the time I was unattached.
    @Anamika: That makes two of us 🙂
    @Bavani: I hope so!
    @Deepa: True. I have eventually made new friends and retained the old ones. Its just the moment when I realize they are leaving that I feel bad.

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