Random acts of kindness

Reaching into the mailbox, I had a real nice surprise. A year’s subscription to the Reader’s Digest!!! Courtesy my SIL. Grinning from ear to ear, I called her immediately and thanked her of course. There were so many things about it that I loved.

Reader’s Digest is one of my all time favorite magazines. It brings back memories of reading old issues sitting on a bench with an old almonard fan whirring above in the rice basin of India, in my mom’s maternal home. It reminds me of my mom’s uncle whom I call Athimber just like she does. He used to bring back preserved cherries from a bakery in Kumbakonam a couple of hours drive away. Reminds me of wonderful vacations spent reading books and exploring the house and the years of relics stored in wooden almirahs.

Shaking myself from the memories, I realized why receiving this in the mail today was so special. It is probably the first time somebody has given me a gift that was totally unexpected. Without expectations. It made me felt loved.

It made me realize why I should never give up hope. Ever. It may sound silly but I check my postal mail everyday. Wondering if someday someone would write me a proper letter like the good old days. Ones that start with “How are you? Hope this finds you in the pink of health as the same attends on me here.” The kind of letters my grandfather used to write to me. The kind of letters I started with help from Wren and Martin. Finding a package like today is the reason I check mail every day. It makes me want to keep the hope alive. For life.

So, for all the nice feelings I have today. I thank you A!! You made my day!!!

10 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness

  1. A hand written letter in a post box! Wow! Isn’t that such a lovely thought? I have almost forgotten what handwriting looks like – anybody’s, including mine.

  2. Such a nice post indeed Laksh. It reminded me of the 25np yellow post card in which we used to write letters to my Palani Periyamma, where every inch of space in it filled with info; Posting it before 3 p.m of the day when the collection closes. “Waiting for the Thabaal Maama” to see whether we get any new posts. Hmmm..Good olden days…

  3. Very true. As I said, we truly have forgotten the art of actual writing πŸ™‚ I can actually picture you with your grin πŸ˜€ ‘A’ sure did make your day! I check my email just to see a note from anyone I know…just a personal note; to say hallo, how do you do types?! Thinking I would get a hand written letter is definitely day dreaming! πŸ˜€

  4. Awesome. Reminded me of my college days, when I made pen pals, and the habit of writing letters peaked. I love love receiving and writing letters. Would write one in a heartbeat today, even if there is a glimmer of hope that someone would write back!

    When is your b’day? did we miss it?

  5. Nice Post Lakshmi! This was one of my Paati’s gift for my sister’s birthday once and we simply loved her idea.
    I opened my mailbox here in US and one day got a letter from my Paati in the way you had mentioned,trust me I went high reading it.

  6. Laksh!happy that you have nice people around to give you surprises. One should never give up on hope.
    I can relate to both: RD subscription was my aunt’s gift to me for Xmas 2yrs back.I love RD.2ndly, I do get atleast 2 handwritten letters in a year. one from mommy another from my teacher who taught me from grade 8-10. I reply them too; but last year i broke the tradition.This post is a good reminder to me that I should not;thanks!

  7. @SK: Very true. It happens to me every time my eyes fall on the bag of greeting cards in my nightstand.
    @Smalltalk: Same here. There were days when I would write regularly. Now, it is so much a thing of the past.
    @Deepa: Loved the memories your comment bought. Thanks!
    @Apar: True. I guess we have learned to settle for personal emails in place of letters. Those are hard to come by these days too.
    @Suman: Mabbe we should become pen pals πŸ™‚ Bday is Christmas day. I think I did post about it in December.
    @Abi: Wow! That’s so cool that your paati writes to you. Cherish and treasure those letters. I wish I had kept the ones thatha wrote to me.
    @Shy: Very true. I realized how much my life is full of nice people πŸ™‚ Its amazing to hear that your teacher writes to you. I wish I had such a nice bond with my teacher from school.

  8. This is a great gift to give. My dad had given it to me a few years ago and I remember what a wonderful suprise it was. RD was one of my fav mags at one time. Today reading mags has taken a back seat…there is so much to read! However you have reminded me of my childhood friend – RD!

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