Silly things that brighten me up

I walked back to my cube at work after a meeting. Opening Outlook as it is the most favorite part of my day, I saw an email with “package 4U!” in its subject. Wondering if somehow junk managed to permeate my neatly organized work folders I opened it with trepidation. It was from a legitimate user and then it struck me. I had ordered some memory and a new monitor as my old one was on its death throes.

Grinning all the way to the reception to pick up my goodies, I reflected on how silly things like these can change the tone of my day. I was not a happy camper coming in to work. Once I had something new to play with I set about in earnest getting it ready for me to use.

I know the rest of the day will see me in unusually high spirits simply because of the newness of it all. I wonder if it is true of everyone. Having a new toy to play with deflects focus from other resident worries and occupies our mind with something new. I wonder if it will work as therapy when I am depressed. K, Are you listening?? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Silly things that brighten me up

  1. I know what you mean. When I was in school, I remember buying a new dress and new sandals lingered as a sweetness in my mind – sleep that night happily and when I wake up, something tells..why I was happy yesterday..and then the sweet happiness comes back..nowadays it is capris and new tops for me. For u high tech toys! Anything to brighten up a day, we will take it, right!

  2. same here;
    Any new toy helps:)
    even the most insignificant, as long as new or a gift brightens my day;
    guess I am easily pleased and hv simple desires;)

    Nice post, as always!!

  3. For me it has always been chocolate, ice-cream & desi sweets (a foodie @ heart 🙂 ) and K is always surprised at how really such simple things can make me so happy – but true understand and echo your sentiments.

  4. It’s not silly at all. It’s just like when I buy a new pair of shoes or a new piece of clothing – I want to try it on AGAIN as soon as I come home. I don’t know whether I’m the only one with this strange habit.

    Sometimes finding joy in the simplest of events is the true joy.

  5. @Apar: Not sure he got the hint though!
    @Anamika: Absolutely! I’ll take anything that will brighten an otherwise drab day.
    @JS: Thank you! My mom has a name for that – “Alpa Santhoshi”
    @Suman: You hubby must be a happy person then 🙂
    @Akay: Alpa santhoshi you too?
    @Rajitha: Isn’t that the fun in life to keep the child in you happy?
    @Bavani: Me too!! I try it on as soon as I reach home and parade it for all to see.

  6. Me too… Me too…to try and see how I look on the new dress I purchased and parade it for G to come up with the comment, When I was a spinster I’d do that for my daddy and sisters. Above all I grinned so much today coz I wore a new dress with all matching matching accessories, It really made my day.. I know.. how silly i am.

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