When your life is an open book

Mitr of Mitr’s Ideas from Bay Area has tagged me. This time though it is to reveal 10 little known facts about me. That’s the problem you see when your life is an open book. Well! Almost. I remember having done a similar tag earlier. I hope I am not repeating myself. This is what I was able to come up with after some deep introspection.

1. I had a ‘thing’ for men with broad shoulders. Probably the after effect of devouring so many Harlequin Romances. (K is probably grinning reading this.)
2. I have shocked my eighth grade English teacher by asking at the end of one particularly boring class what “Cat in the heat” meant. She called me aside after class and wanted to know who was giving me “inappropriate” books to read.
3. I used to have long hair. I mean the kind that reaches past your waist.
4. I thought I was a garrulous person. I am not sure anymore.
5. I have issues with letting go of people, memories and anything I have invested time in. Even if they are wrong for me.
6. I hate heels. I really do.
7. I forgive easily even if I do not forget
8. I can go without watching TV for days on end
9. I wanted to try a cigarette so borrowed one from a colleague (back in 2000. KV if you are reading this mail me please ;p) but could not bring myself to try it. It was in my purse till it disintegrated and my purse stank so bad that I had to throw the purse away.
10. I say Thank You and Please at every occasion that needs it. It some times bothers people around me.

I am not tagging anyone. However, I will be curious to hear from others if they want to share their scandalous secrets 🙂

10 thoughts on “When your life is an open book

  1. I remember having to endure you going ga-ga over SRK, his broad shoulders and DDLJ – guess one of the reasons I never liked him is you 😛

  2. Nice ones!! :–)

    Broad shoulders…hmmm.

    I say thank you and please all the time too. Blame our parents to have taught good manners ;–)

  3. Laksh, did you realise what your teacher meant asking you the question then?!? just wondering! 😉
    About taking up the tag, I have been told that I pretty much am an open book for all to read, one who keeps her friends’ secrets close to heart but none about herself..lol!
    Thank God…I was never into those romantic novels!! phew!! 😀

  4. @Mitr: My pleasure 🙂 Thanks for the tag. Turned out to be fun 🙂
    @Akay: Hehe! Your loss!
    @Rajitha: I think so. Long live M&Bs
    @Sk: Yes! Its all their fault
    @Apar: Of course I did. I grinned sheepishly. I think you missed some in life by not reading those books.

  5. I had this crush on tall guys. I also forgive but don’t forget.

    I really enjoyed reading your reply to Meeta’s comment. That was so romantic!

    I saw the b’day party photos. Thanks for sending it Laksh.

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