The Sun has always been there!

Reaching home unusually early last evening, I stood by the stove fixing dinner and forced him to switch the TV off and look at my laptop for some information I needed. Our kitchen and family room faces the west at an angle and we have a window in the vaulted ceiling that streams the room with light when it is bright outside. Which it was NOT yesterday. So, immersed as we were in our respective chores, we were startled when the room suddenly experienced a burst of light. The dark rain bearing clouds had some way given in and let the sun shine through.

We stopped everything for a moment to enjoy what seemed truly miraculous and K remarked “Wonder when the Sun came…”. Without thinking I replied “The Sun has always been there. It’s the clouds that move you know..” and smiled. Getting back to tinkering with the pot cooking on the stove, I paused to realize what I just said. It came to me like a revelation. Of course the Sun has always been there. It is. Whether we move away from it or not, the Sun is there standing, ever un-changing. Waiting for us to come back. Considering how much of a Sun-child I am, this seemed like yet another moment of epiphany for me. I could translate that Sun as God, as Hope, as any thing I want to. It is there. It is out there for me to reach out for. To move towards it. I only need to remember it is there.

7 thoughts on “The Sun has always been there!

  1. Well embellished write up Laksh…Its a strange thing happened to me similar to this yesternight when I and G went to pick the clothes dried on the terrace by 11.30 p.m, I saw this fullmoon gleamingly enthroning the sky. It just lit up my spirits as well as the terrace. So went my thoughts, “The nature and its beauty is always there, but it is me not citing to it” Need to write abt this in my blog too.

  2. True Laksh. The sun is always there, but the human mind refuses to acknowledge its presence when it’s too cloudy. And it’s the battle with the mind that’s hard to win. Blind faith comes only from belief and conviction. Am I making sense?

  3. Totally reasonate with Suman – our foggy mind clouds up the vision – be it hope or God or Sun – as the case may be. Nice write up!

  4. not philiosophical, but a similar one..this pair of jeans got smaller:))( jeans is still the same size..but)


  5. @Deepa: Do write! Will stop by to read 🙂
    @Rekha: Thanks!
    @Suman: Yes you are. Actually reading your comment led me through a convuluted thought process on faith and such.
    @Akay: Yup! Its all in the mind.
    @Shy: 🙂 I get it 🙂
    @Mitr: Most definitely. Only because the change was so abrupt that we could feel the magic.

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