K and I share our wedding anniversary with fellow blogger UL and her husband. We got married on the exact same day. Our connections go beyond that as eloquently expressed by UL here.

So, since our first anniversary we have always made it a point to visit the temple and eat outside and spent time together. What started out on an impulse has now become a tradition we hope to continue for a long time.

Each year, the temples differ and the restaurants differ, beyond that it is pretty much the same. The nostalgia, the picture in front of the temple and the conversations. Looking at the pictures we have from the past seven years, it is easy to see the gradual change. There is UL’s daughter in the pictures now. We seem to have aged in a dignified manner 🙂 Even if I say so myself.

This Sunday as I sat home and pondered over the previous day’s outing, I realized this is how we create our cocoons. Filled with warmth and love. We reach out to people beyond our family and make them part of ours. We create traditions so we are bound to people, emotions and occasions that mark how we feel. To me it explained why I was fixated on cakes for birthdays or new clothes for festivals. They represent all that is special about that day. A symbolic way of expressing what I feel.

Here’s to traditions new and old! May their tribe increase.

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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